18-155 – Senior Technical Officer

Pickering, Ontario
Job ID:

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Technical Officer
Resume Due Date: Wednesday, November 21st (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 4
Duration: proposed end date March 30, 2020
Location: 777 Brock Road, Pickering ON
Project Title:  Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR) Technical Support

Job Overview

  1. Work process and procedures – provide overall experience and technical expertise for reactor maintenance work, examples of pertinent reactor maintenance experience include but are not limited to Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR), Fuel Channel Shifting and Elongation measurements.  Provide input to procedural updates for improvement and to include OPEX.   Identify areas for focus during training phases and review training plans based upon previous reactor maintenance execution OPEX.
  2. SFCR Tooling –  Oversee  SFCR tools and engineering changes, identify any improvements to the PNGS/DNGS SFCR toolset.
  3. Reactor Maintenance work execution – provide technical oversight on shift basis with respect to work processes and toolsets, provide ongoing QA to work processes including review of procedure completion and sign-offs, provide gathering of OPEX and assist with drafting of  lessons learned report.
  4. Support other IRI work groups as required. 
  5. Be able to provide leadership to the team or group assigned to the same assignment/project.
  6. Work may involve short term shift work and/or travel.


Senior Technical Officer MP4 to assist Inspection & Reactor Innovation Reactor Maintenance Projects group with reactor maintenance work programs such as Single Fuel Channel Replacement (SFCR), Fuel Channel Shifting, Elongation Measurements and other reactor maintenance programs. 

  1. Participation in Large Scale Replacement or Single Fuel Channel Replacement execution in CANDU is considered an asset.
  2. Familiar with OPG processes and policies. 
  3. No PB requirement required for this position.
  4. Design Engineer Qualification is an asset.
  5. Must have experience in the preparation and adherence to schedules.
  6. Ability to work toward and meet deadlines and expected completion dates.
  7. Ability to communicate effectively to team members and speak in front of a group. 
  8. Experience in project management principles is considered an asset.