22-001- Work Control Team Lead

  • Type: Full-time
  • Job #184138
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We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Work Control Team Lead 

Resume Due Date: Thursday January 27th, 2022 (5:00PM EST)                                              

Number of Vacancies: 1

Hours: 40 

Duration: 2 years 

Location: Darlington 

Job Overview

  • The WCTL is the single point of contact for all maintenance, operations and systems daily and outage work activities associated with Work Management Procedures and Processes.
  • Responsible for the management, control and performance of work applicable to assigned Work Breakdown Structure (Work weeks, System Outage Windows, Program etc).
  • Anticipate, direct and make decisions on all work associated with the planning and scheduling process, changing priorities, communicating to work groups and exercising sound judgment to effectively facilitate the safe and productive completion of work plans and programs.
  • As the designated single point of contact, be fully accountable for the effective and efficient management and control of maintenance and system daily and outage activities generated as a result of the Work Management processes.
  • Direct the development and implementation of assigned Work Break down Structure (WBS) including resolving schedule conflicts. As the owner of the assigned WBS be responsible for controlling work scope, organizing, executing, reviewing and deciding upon all planned activities and resource requirements.
  • Be accountable for short and long term impact of work performance on station for assigned WBS.
  • Plan, organize, coordinate, and maintain status on all preparatory and ongoing requirements of the work plan/ schedule.
  • Ensure all work groups involved are committed to the completion of scheduled work as practical.
  • Ensure schedule preparation and execution activities are performed with attention to public and worker safety requirements. Keep abreast of current changes in operating requirements and determine relevant impacts on schedule execution. Anticipate emerging issues, and initiate and/or accommodate projects and emergent work into schedule.
  • Manage and direct the resolution of all inter-group or inter-department coordination issues. Be responsible for giving direction to all work groups, including contractors, at meetings pertaining to assigned work breakdown structure. Monitor for work failing to meet schedule, and direct corrective action.
  • Identify necessary resources to ensure work is accomplished in accordance with the schedule. Conduct meetings with work groups identified to execute required tasks, to influence them to accept schedule and specified conditions of work.
  • Provide effective leadership at daily status meetings in order to control, maintain and update work plan/schedule. Identify changes and approve new work being proposed for addition to the schedule. Be accountable for directing resolution to problems that may have developed by ensuring involvement of the appropriate work groups. Ensure all permit preparations, pre-job walk downs and other requirements are complete and situations have not changed prior to work execution. Expedite the final approving authority for the daily plan/schedule. Effectively communicate changes to schedule, priorities, and other relevant conditions to applicable work groups.
  • Be accountable for monitoring the work being performed to completion, as scheduled. Maintain an awareness of the status of all jobs on the plan. Be accountable for reporting on status to Management at all times.
  • Conduct a project/schedule post mortem. Identify significant events, analysis of the schedule accomplishments, problems and suggested corrective actions.
  • Active use of the Corrective action and Self-Assessment processes, including quality and timely resolution of assigned action items as well as support of the Corrective Action Plan development.
  • Develop detailed logic-tied, resource loaded schedules for respective WBS utilizing scheduling tools and software.
  • Identify planned changes in system state which may be subjected to evolution approval process. Document control scope changes for respective WBS. Identify and approve the addition of mandatory discovery work following scope freeze and ensure it is added to the appropriate logic.
  • Maximize overall equipment availability and reliability by balancing Online and Outage activities.
  • Perform Online and Outage risk assessments and identify risk management activities. This includes nuclear safety risk, generation risk, reactivity risk and radiological risks 


  • This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired through the successful completion of three year’s post-secondary concentrated study in an appropriate discipline or by having the equivalent level of education.
  • Requires a knowledge of control, mechanical or civil technology, including sciences subject fundamentals of physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electrical theory, instrumentation, mechanics, nuclear theory and mathematics, to understand the application to processes and systems, and effectively plan, coordinate and exercise judgement to determine priorities and ensure resources to facilitate scheduling of work activities within assigned work weeks.
  • Requires practical experience associated with a multi-unit nuclear facility to become thoroughly familiar with systems, equipment, components and processes related to the maintenance and production of energy. 
  • Requires a knowledge of all Operating Policies and Procedures, station reference plans, safety procedures, including radiation protection and conventional safety practices, and health and safety standards, and apply same towards achieving optimum performance of resources to meet objectives.
  • Requires in-depth station experience to effectively manage, direct and coordinate work processes, and be thoroughly familiar with work groups, interrelationships between same, problems encountered and special needs and issues. Requires experience to exercise sound project management and c