19-002 – Senior Technical Engineer/Officer

Pickering, Ontario
Job ID:
Suraj Sukumar

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Senior Technical Engineer/Officer      
Resume Due Date:  Monday, January 21st (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 1
Duration: 1 year
Location: 1910 Clements Road, Pickering ON
Hours of work:  20-35/week

Project Title:  Inspection & Reactor BOP Turbine PAUT Development for DNRU3 Row 6 Steeple

Job Overview

  1. The Services required are of an advanced NDE nature and very specific to the history of the equipment and R&D of the OPG-IMS Phased Array lab.  The Aug staff will require an extensive history in developing these systems at OPG and therefore can provide the required specific technical support /knowledge transfer to the existing technical staff in the current environment of significant retirement/attrition numbers. The Aug staff will also require extensive background in the development, training and execution of Phased Array inspections on Turbine and Generator components.
  2. The services requested are to provide NDE consulting services on IRI specific problems and projects until the end of 2019. Duties will be comprised of remote formulation of reports, answering technical questions and/or in-house lab work as required.
  3. Already have the NDT specialist competencies in Advanced NDT methods (Phased Array UT)
  4. Develop, deploy and execute inspection activities focused on advanced NDT methods;
  5. Prepare Technical Work Instructions and develop procedures and techniques.
  6. Perform laboratory and field investigations; provide support in lab or field environments by conducting tests or troubleshooting equipment
  7. Assist in the design, assembly, deployment and maintenance of tooling equipment, processes, systems and development of NDT methods.
  8. Work with newly acquired technology intended to enhance performance of the NDT Team.
  9. Collaborate with team to lead development of new technology applications
  10. Prepare technical documentation such as technical specifications, field implementation procedures, inspection and test plans, operating manuals, etc.
  11. As a technical specialist perform investigations and technical studies for customers.
  12. Respond to customer inquiries, maintain good customer relations and help resolve customer-raised issues/problems.
  13. Ensure customer satisfaction by following good quality and safety practices in all aspects of work performed. Maintain quality records.


  1. You hold a Professional diploma (DEP) or CEGEP degree (AEC/DEC) in Engineering or have equivalent experience.
  2. You have a minimum of five (15) years of experience in non-destructive testing (NDT) with emphasis on Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques;
  3. You have a Canadian General Standard Board (CGSB) certifications, level 2 or level 3 in more than one method (including either UT or ET) or equivalent knowledge -You have knowledge about typical NDT industrial codes and standards;
  4. You have a good working knowledge of computer software such as Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Ultra Vision (or equivalent),
  5. Requires knowledge of mechanical components, visual inspection equipment, machining, testing and maintenance of tooling devices and system

Key Skills:

  1. Demonstrated experience in successfully developing NDE Phased array Inspections, with a focus on Turbine or Turbine components
  2. Proven experience in the Development of Phased array Ultrasonic Inspection Techniques
  3. Strong background and experience at Ontario Power generation or its subsidiaries
  4. Strong background working around Steam Turbine Generator systems.
  5. Outstanding qualitative research, in the development of Inspection reference and calibration samples
  6. Ability to synthesize interview data and integrate into meaningful reports and recommendations
  7. Strong organizational and communications skills
  8. Experience with probability of detection studies through use of analytical software (i.e. CIVA) or laboratory based studies.

Other Qualifications:

  1. High degree of comfort working in an unstructured environment that requires solving complex, open-ended issues with incomplete data and little direction.
  2. Outstanding attention to detail
  3. Ability to be self-directed and contribute to engagements
  4. Collegial team player who can work in a small team environment
  5. Ability to work well under pressure and act in utmost confidentiality with sensitive leadership information
  6. Exceptional communication and presentation skills, with the ability to work effectively with and influence senior leaders
  7. Diplomacy, poise, maturity and empathy are all key attributes for success