19-008 – Work Control Team Leader

Darlington, Ontario
Job ID:
Arpitha Sumukharya

We are currently requesting resumes for the following position: Work Control Team Leader
Resume Due Date:  Wednesday, February 13 (5:00PM EST)
Number of Vacancies: 2
Duration: 2 years
Location: Darlington

Job Overview

Single Point of Contact for Design Project Work in the On-line and Outage Work Management Process

Plan, organize, coordinate and maintain status of all preparatory and ongoing requirements of workplan/schedule

Manage and direct the resolution of all inter-group or inter-department coordination issues. Be responsible for giving direction to all workgroups including Contract Partners.

Provide effective leadership at daily status meetings in order to control, maintain and update work plan/schedule

Support the development of detailed, logic tied , resource loaded schedules for respective Work Break Down Structure utilizing scheduling tools and software.


Requires a knowledge of control, mechanical and civil technologies, including sciences subject fundamentals of physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electrical theory, instrumentation, mechanics, nuclear theory and mathematics to understand the application to processes and systems.

Requires practical experience associated with a multi-unit nuclear facility to become thoroughly familiar with systems, equipment and components and process related to maintenance and production of energy.

Requires a knowledge of Operating Policies and Procedures, Safety Procedures including radiation protection and conventional safety practices. Requires an understanding of the Work Protection Code to effectively plan work.

Requires a knowledge of Work Management Processes and be thoroughly familiar with workgroups, interrelations between same, typical problems encountered and special needs and issues.

Requires experience in a team lead role to manage and control daily and outage project work on plant systems.

A period of over 8 is considered necessary to gain this experience.