Sr. Engineering Consultant

Onsite Engineering Consultants

Location: Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, New Brunswick
Duration: 3 years, starting April 2020

A minimum of 2 onsite consultants, one senior engineer and one senior technician,  are required to ensure the consulting engineering firm offsite resources can attain technical details, support the design deliverables, and provide a point of contact. 

Consultant will be provided training and mentoring on PLNGS functions by NB Power, to ensure information can be exchanged efficiently and effectively.

Consultants will be the interface between NB Power and Framatome Canada Ltd., and expected to perform the following, but not limited to: 

  • Communication between NB Power and consulting engineering firm offsite resources at both project level and technical details
  • Gathering technical information from both stakeholders and configuration documentation and databases
  • Filed investigations for planning and configuration purposes
  • Engineering and technical support during construction
  • Validation of construction and incorporation of as-built information on drawings

Senior Engineer Qualifications

  • University graduate from an accredited engineering program
  • Minimum of 10-year experience in the nuclear industry and 15 years of design engineering knowledge
  • Recognized as an authority in a professional field
  • Knowledge in more than one field of engineering
  • Involved in short and long-range planning
  • Making independent decisions on work methods and procedures within an overall program
  • Originality and ingenuity are required for devising practical and economical solutions to problems
  • May supervise large groups containing both professional and technical staff OR may exercise authority over a small group of highly qualified professional personnel engaged in complex technical applications
  • Take courses of action necessary to expedite the successful accomplishment of assigned projects

Senior Technician Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 years in the nuclear industry and 5 years of technical OR CADD experience
  • Under minimal supervision, complete complex CADD assignments and perform field quality control functions
  • Analyze, provide recommendations and make decisions related to technical problems
  • May provide technical advice or supervise the daily activity of less experienced technical staff concerning processes and procedures
  • Verify accuracy and adequacy of their work

HR Support

Background information

Our client is a major contributor to the nuclear industry, and currently has a workforce of 170 people, including: FT Employees, Independent Contractors, and CUSW (Trades) people split between 2 locations in Ontario. It is anticipated that the total workforce will increase significantly to support future projects therefore the management team requires close support from an HR professional for recruiting, training, performance management and retention of their workforce. Ideally, this HR support person will move into a management position in the future.  

HR Support– major duties and responsibilities

HR processes, procedures and policies have been developed but still require focus and improvement for robustness and consistency.

Human Resources is expected to be a key partner for the business and operations organization to support the growth, service and projects delivery in time and on budget. Helping the managers to have the right resources and the right time, supporting the development of the workforce and supporting the development of the Canadian organization structure to be as lean, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

HR Management/Advisor specific duties:

  • Define and implements corporate policies and programs as required.  Develops, recommends, implements tailored solutions in support of business strategy and in line with labor law requirements, while maintaining an appropriate cultural, value-based environment.
  • Counsels managers and employees in the interpretation and application of corporate policies and procedures.
  • Executes critical HR projects, programs and initiatives from talent management, retention, compensation, employee performance and development, workforce planning and succession planning.
  • Participates in management staff meetings and strategic planning meetings.
  • In constructive relation with management, recommends new approaches, policies, and procedures to effect continual improvements in services performed.
  • Advises and provides assistance to all levels of management on identifying, evaluating and resolving employee relations issues.  Initiates proactive measures to enhance employee engagement.
  • Serve as a key change agent on new initiatives, programs, processes and procedures.  This includes participation in cross-functional teams, committees and project teams.
  • Advise management on compensation issues, making sure that compensation stays in line with market and consistent within our workforce.
  • Drive risk mitigation through thorough analysis of issues, proactive strategies and collaborative partnership with functional experts (i.e. Legal, Internal Controls, EHS, etc.)

Staffing and recruitment specific duties:

  • Support the management to identify the resource needs and define staffing requirements and talent acquisition strategy in support of the activity.
  • Liaise with the recruitment organization, in support of the recruiting managers, to insure the following are done efficiently: sourcing of candidates, interviews and offers from internal and external sources.
  • Develop strategic employer branding and regional advertising programs as required.
  • Develop key University relations program and specific recruitment/visibility strategy targeted to these universities.
  • Develop indigenous staffing and recruitment strategy, in coordination with business managers.
  • Maintains in-depth knowledge of company wages and salaries, employee benefits and general personnel polices.
  • Develop staffing/contractor agencies network in order to accelerate resources acquisition when required by the business and to access Independent Contractors resources.
  • Coordinate with Product Line Managers/Project Managers and outside staffing sources to procure specialized personnel and initiate purchase requisitions. Provide advice on contractor’s wages as necessary.
  • Support the onboarding (and offboarding) process for employees and contractors.