Field Engineer (Electrical/I&C)

Do you want to work for one of the largest Nuclear companies in North Carolina? They are currently looking for a Field Engineer (Electrical/I&C) to support their facility in Huntsville, North Carolina.  If you’re interested and qualified, we urge you to apply!

Position:  Field Engineer (Electrical/I&C)

Duration: Until June 2020

Location: Huntsville, North Carolina. 

Tech Support is responsible for understanding the design and planning for their projects and for providing input into those products (i.e. drawings, work orders, Temporary Installation Procedures (TN), Temporary Test Procedures (TT), Instrument and Electrical Procedures (IP), Mechanical Maintenance Procedures (MP), Periodic Test Procedure (PT) etc… to ensure a quality product that can be implemented safely and within the defined scheduled time frame.

Tech Support is responsible for technical oversight during the implementation phase of assigned projects within their discipline (electrical, mech/civil) and act as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for design and planning issues.

Listed below are the job functions/responsibilities of Tech Support:

  • Perform thorough walk downs of the Systems, Structures and Components (SSC's) being modified with the Responsible Engineer (RE), Designer, Implementation Manager (IM) and Planner. This should occur prior to and during the design and planning phases of the projects to understand and provide input into the design and planning products (i.e. drawings, work orders, TN's, TT's, etc…) to ensure the project can be implemented safely, with quality and within the defined scheduled timeframe.
  • Work with the (RE), Planner and Quality Control (QC) to understand the QC requirements for each implementation task and that the work order tasks are coded properly for QC inspections.
  • Work with the Planner, IM and QC to ensure the correct procedures (IP's, MP's, PT's, TN's, TT's, etc…) are specified in the work orders.
  • Tech Support will assist in development of TN's for the Modifications assigned, if needed.
  • Tech Support to lead the review meetings with Craft, to ensure craft understands drawings, procedures prior to implementation.
  • Provide technical oversight during the implementation phase of the project to ensure the project is being implemented as designed per Drawings and work order. It is expected that Tech Support be in the field during implementation approximately 80-90% of the time determined by the complexity, risk and schedule restraints of the project.
  • Where design and/or planning requirements are not adhered to during implementation, Tech Support shall work with the IM and Craft to correct the issue.
  • Where the project cannot be implemented as designed, Tech Support shall work with the (RE) and/or Designers to correct the design via an Engineering Change (EC) Revision.
  • Tech Support shall be familiar with the AD-EG-ALL-1132 requirements for continuing field work without an approved EC Revision and work with the (RE) and IM to reduce the impact of stopping field work based on the AD-EG-ALL-1132 requirements as well as the risk associated with continuing work prior to an approved EC Revision. Where an EC Revision is required, Tech Support shall ensure the planner is notified where applicable to revise the work order planning.
  • Where the project cannot be implemented as planned, Tech Support shall work with the Planner to have the work order re-planned as necessary.
  • Tech Support will lead the validation of required TT's and TN's for an Engineering Change.



Test Proctor

Do you want to work for one of the largest Nuclear companies in North Carolina? They are currently looking for a Test Proctor to support their facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.  If you’re interested and qualified, we urge you to apply!

Position: Test Proctor

Duration: Until April 2020

Location: Kings Mountain, North Carolina. 

Job Description: 

  • Check/validate student itinerary against Nantel software.
  • Counsel/explain to students sequence of training to meet hard schedule requirements (ILT schedule).
  • Assist students in logging onto computers for testing.
  • Assist students having in processing issues.
  • Document test completion by recording test score, completion time, date, and initialing.
  • Ensure students review missed questions and resolve test question issues.
  • Enforce lab rules that include: No cell phones, No talking during testing. No materials on desk during testing
  • Light administrative duties include: Filing, Cleaning computer labs and desks, Logging computer onto Nantel test site and shutting down daily, Running copies of training material and status sheets.

Required Skills:

  • Basic Computer Skills.
  • High School Diploma/GED


IT Application Developer

Do you want to work for one of the largest Nuclear companies in North Carolina? They are currently looking for an Applications Developer to support their facility in Charlotte, NC. If you’re interested and qualified, we urge you to apply!

Position: Applications Developer

Duration: December 2020

Location: Charlotte, NC

Workers at this level manage work in application areas of specialization, with minimal supervision. They are fully competent in use of concepts and procedures. They identify problems, develop solutions and take actions to resolve. Designs, writes, develops and implements innovative and advanced mobile applications. 

Typical Functions Include:

  • Maintains and enhances existing applications.
  • Troubleshoots and debugs applications, including user and system interface functionality.
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams and clients to define, design and deliver enhancements, new applications, and technical solutions that meet the needs of the company, its clients, and the end users.
  • Configures a design that satisfies business requirements and desired specifications. Researches, evaluates and implements new technology to optimize application efficiency and usability.
  • Maintains records to document system and programming development and revisions.
  • Designs modifications based on defined requirements and coordinates development efforts on maintained applications.
  • Programs and directs other programmers in required programming languages, database SQL, report writing, ETL, Assists with testing and migrating code through test regions.
  • Ensures adherence to appropriate design, coding and source control standards.
  • Leads design and code walk-thru as a presenter or reviewer.
  • Processes Change Requests and Quality Assurance (QA) documentation for project implementations and support changes. 


  • Must have Microsoft O365 SharePoint experience
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a related discipline.
  • In lieu of a degree, 8 years of related business experience.
  • 5-10 years as an IT Application Developer or equivalent.
  • Four years coding/programming, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, logical design, SQL coding, Business Requirements analysis, vendor management, root cause analysis.
  • Expert coding skills in 1 or more standard languages.
  • Demonstrated success in complex problem solving and an understanding of quality delivery.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with others having differing priorities/views/goals than your own; to meet your goals.
  • Understand and lead others in use of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Effective communication skills.