Computer Vision Researcher

Information Technology
Direct Hire
Markham, Ontario
Job ID:
Priyanka Shetty

Computer Vision Researcher

Location: Markham


The Computer vision lab is mainly engaged in the research and application of computer vision, pattern recognition, multi-media content analysis and machine learning/deep learning. We look forward to your joining!

Research Areas:

  • photo quality enhancement
  • scene reconstruction and understanding
  • object tracking, recognition, and detection
  • face recognition
  • video processing and event detection
  • image and video retrieval
  • 3D modelling and visual SLAM
  • deep learning for computer vision

The work will mainly include

  • Pursuing research on computer vision, pattern recognition, multi-media content analysis;
  • Responsible for the design and development of core algorithm and platform of computer vision to enhance the core competitiveness and user experience of the company's related products.
  • Collaborating with product groups in development of above applications and research activities
  • Communicating and collaborating with external partners in academia


  • Possess a master degree/PhD degree in computer vision, machine learning, computer science, mathematics, automation, or have equivalent research experiences
  • Have more than two years experiences in research in applying machine learning and deep learning
  • Have solid programming skills, proficient in C/C++, Python/Matlab and other programming languages
  • Have good team cooperation spirit, as well as communication and coordination ability

Have the following experience priority:

  • Have deep learning research and engineering experience, familiar with common ML libraries and frameworks: OpenCV/Caffe Tensor flow/MXNet, etc.
  • Be familiar with the small sample learning, online learning and incremental learning techniques, etc.
  • Have delivery experience with computer vision tasks
  • Have famous meeting/published journal articles