Expert of Network Modeling

Information Technology
Direct Hire
Waterloo, Ontario
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Priyanka Shetty

Expert of Network Modeling

Job Description

Our clients’s rapid growth has created an excellent opportunity to build and grow your career and make a big impact to everyone’s life.  This position embodies the core customer-centric culture of the Company, and takes the vision and responsibility to “Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile”.


  • Identify futuristic technology and industry trends and develop research strategies for network modeling areas.
  • Research on cutting-edge topics of network modeling, cooperate with China region’s research team.
  • Direct and lead research strategies execution by building up Eco-systems, including creation of alliance with industries, operators and distinguished scholars in academia,
  • Active participation in various SDOs like IETF, ETSI, 3GPP etc.,
  • Promote industry influence including dialogue with tier 1 operators and public speech in world-class events.

Position Requirements

  • Master or PhD degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering, with PhD preferred,
  • 6+ years of experience in network related areas, include but not limited to network system, protocols research, network modeling, etc.,
  • Strong IP network background is needed, IP product experience such as R&D for router or Ethernet switch would be a plus,
  • Research experience of network modeling is necessary, such as modeling for network optimization, congestion control, traffic prediction and simulation, resource management, etc.
  • Ability to initiate and develop new ideas and initiatives in collaboration with both external and internal partners.
  • With mathematics and theoretical background should be a plus
  • Previous research experience with industries would be a plus.