HR Payroll Analyst

Toronto, Ontario
Job ID:
Samantha Fallis

Special or New Considerations

An existing employee is well suited to the Operations Manager role, but is currently resolving some personal issues.  As such, given that resolution may take some time, a contract hire to act as a bridge is indicated.  Anything less than a 6-month contract would be almost impossible to find.

In addition, optimal use of our Pivotal contract will see the pushing out of all payroll calculations to Pivotal, accompanies by business rules that guide the calculations and fulsome discussions of all evolving, changing or emergent matters.

What Kind of person are we looking for?

Some who has done payroll or been substantially responsible for review and management of payroll related information

Someone who has held at least coordinator roles

Some proficient in the use of office software and with experience using HRIS and payroll applications

Someone with good communication skills, who is innovative, self-directed and active


What are the major responsibilities of the role?


  1. The role will be responsible for coordinating each payroll run, working with the HR team to ensure that all required information is available on or before the due dates, and for ensuring that time for reviewing and approving payroll is in the calendar of the VP Talent.
  2. The position will have to have been familiar enough with payroll to enter and process the Ceridian Power Pay payroll for OSSU and MVX.
  3. The role will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of information flowing from BambooHR to Pivotal.  This will involve a review of the parameter change reports each pay to ensure that only the parameters for which there is paperwork are being changed and that all of the parameters for which there is paperwork have been changed.
  4. The role will be responsible for pulling, formatting and printing and then reviewing the payroll preview reports for each iteration of reports, as well as annotating significant changes, with reports to include but not be limited to:
  1. This Pay Last Pay Gross Pay Comparison
  2. This Pay Last Pay Net Pay Comparison
  3. Payment Register and Manual Payment Register
  4. Retro adjustments
  5. MDD Payroll Continuity Schedule
  1. Once pay is approved and finalized, the position will be responsible for requesting final payroll reports are run and the period registers are generated and validated.
  2. The payroll funding reports will then be tied back to the payroll registers. Reconciled, and final copies of the funding report, payroll register summary and reconciliation will be signed by the incumbent and the VP Talent to authorize payroll.  The incumbent will also prepare the draft emails for each payroll and forward same to the VP Talent, who will review same and forward them to Pivotal for payment as part of signing off on the funding reports.
  3. The individual will then organize the payroll files in Box for the pay run and copy out the following information:
    1. To the 2019 Payroll Previews folder, copies of the final period registers for the pay, including any manual pay registers, and filing same in the appropriate folders, using the appropriate naming and numbering conventions.
    2. To the 2019 Adjustments folder, copies of the timesheet summaries, by company, and the final adjustments, by company, and filing same in the appropriate folders, using the appropriate naming and numbering conventions.
    3. Once proofed and balanced to the funding requests, to the 2019 Payroll Journal Entries folder, copies of the payroll journal entries to be filed in the appropriate folders, using the appropriate naming and numbering conventions.
    4. Updating and filing the Ceridian version of information for MVX and OSSU into the folders  – Adjustments/Previews and OSSU – Adjustments/Previews folders respectively.
    5. Dealing with adhoc reporting requests for information out of either BambooHR or Pivotal.
  4. The individual will be involved in the redevelopment of the people model so as to be able to provide the data necessary to keep it up to date and produce information based on its contents.  Similarly the position will be responsible for data integrity and working with analytics staff to ensure the right data is available for reporting needs.
  5. The position will be the custodian of the data dictionary and technical documents describing how the system operates and its key features and internal controls.  This will also include ensuring that workflows, particularly the Change and Onboard workflows, are kept up to date at all times. 
  6. The position will be responsible for updating all documents for framework changes in BambooHR and/or Pivotal, recognizing that any such changes will affect the API that connects the two systems and will require planning, update of the API, testing and validation before the changes can be implemented.
  7. The position will be the key liaison with Pivotal Payroll Management
  8. The position will assist with the update of variable compensation information into BambooHR so that annual bonus payments can be made by Pivotal.