Accounting Clerk II

Our Client is one of the world's largest multinational Utilities companies. We currently have an available contract assignment for Accounting Clerk II in Morristown, New Jersey

If you have experience with the following, then we would like to meet with you.

Responsibilities & Qualifications required:

  • General Work, process numerous invoices, change orders and checks requests in SAP each month – roughly 100.
  • Copy, scan and fax the above documents to accounts payable and copy into our hard files and electronic uniform filing system.
  • Rough Review of invoices to see if rates match PO’s, if there is an issue, she alerts PM and then corrects issue. 
  • Sending out simple letters indicating that the check for payment is attached.
  • NJ BPU Remediation Adjustment Charge (RAC) filing – (i.e. how we charge to rate payers and get our money back).
  • Update information in an excel spreadsheet and possibly run quarterly NJ BPU RAC reports in SAP so the PM’s can review and then correct or make Journal entries to make sure the right charges are charged to the right IO 
  • Update our real estate tax records in excel quarterly to make sure we haven’t missed a tax bill or that we have not purchased a new property they don’t know about. Real estate taxes are also charged to RAC. 
  • Assists with RAC filing, copying, making changes to word documents and formatting responses.
  • Copy all the backup necessary for the RAC filing and creates electronic copies for rates.
  • This position is 75% admin and 25% accounting clerk.