CIOs: The Biggest Stay-Awake Recruitment Issues and How to Solve Them

Are recruitment issues keeping you up at night? This is a common problem for CIOs, so you’re not alone. Recruiting and hiring employees is never easy, but it’s even more difficult in a competitive field like IT.

Here are the biggest stay-awake recruitment issues for CIOs, and more importantly, how to solve them once and for all.

Keeping up with Fast-Changing Demand

Keeping up with the fast pace of change in IT recruiting is a big worry for many CIOs. In fact, more than one-tenth of CIOs say keeping up with change keeps them up at night.

In IT, your staffing needs can change quickly. When you have a big project to complete, you need to find talented workers right away. In the lulls between projects, you don’t need anywhere near as many workers. That makes it difficult to maintain the right staffing levels.

If you hire enough workers to handle your big projects, you’ll be seriously overstaffed when the projects end. If you keep your workforce to a minimum, you’ll need to scramble to hire new employees when projects start. This is a stressful situation to be in as a CIO.

Controlling Costs

As a CIO, one of your big responsibilities is controlling costs within your department. When you’re always recruiting, hiring, and firing employees to keep up with demand, it’s hard to control costs. After all, recruitment and turnover are expensive. That’s why almost one-tenth of CIOs lose sleep over controlling costs in their departments.

There are many costs associated with recruitment. You need to pay to post job ads, take time to interview candidates, and then screen candidates. Once you’ve hired new workers, you need to spend money and time training them. Training isn’t cheap! Businesses can spend 10 to 20 percent of an employee’s salary on training alone.

Lost productivity is another cost associated with hiring new employees. Lost productivity can be hard to track, but it adds to your costs. A new employee can take a year or two to reach the productivity of existing employees.

Recruiting People with the Right Skills

Talent scarcity is a big problem for CIOs, with nearly one-sixth losing sleep over it. When you need to hire talented workers for a project, it can feel like all the good workers are hiding. CIOs have a lot of trouble finding people with skills in IT leadership, project management, data analytics, and other specialized areas.

One reason you have so much trouble finding top talent is that highly skilled IT professionals already have jobs. Talented professionals don’t stay on the job market for long, and when they job hunt, they get their pick of jobs. Your competitors may hire the employees you want before you even get the chance.

The good news is many currently employed professionals are open to new opportunities. They’re not actively looking for new work, but they’re willing to discuss exciting opportunities. Seventy-five percent of the workforce fits this description, so you may be able to lure employed professionals to your team.

Solving Your Recruitment Issues

How can you keep up with fast-changing demand, control your costs, and recruit people with the right skills? It may seem impossible, but it’s not. The secret is to get help from a technical recruiting agency. It makes sense to outsource your recruiting functions.

When you work with a technical recruiting agency, you can quickly get the talented IT contractors you need for your projects. Agencies have pre-vetted pools of talent, so they can find workers a lot faster than you can. They also know how to find passive job candidates with the skills you need.

Once the project ends, you can easily let the contractors go. This makes it easy for you to keep up with the fast-changing demands of your industry. Using an agency saves you both money and time, so you can control your costs and reduce your stress.

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