Have You Considered These 6 Careers in Engineering?

Engineering is an in-demand and lucrative field. Careers in engineering are well-represented in Canadian Business’s top 100 jobs list, so you can’t go wrong in this field.

As an engineer, you may be overwhelmed by all the great careers available to you. Learning more about your options can help you decide what careers in engineering are best for you.

Here are six interesting careers in engineering to consider.

1. Aerospace Engineer

Have you always been interested in planes and spaceships? A career as an aerospace engineer may be the perfect choice for you. These engineers are responsible for designing various aircrafts and spacecrafts. They also design missiles and satellites. They test their designs for proper function and safety.

The median salary for aerospace engineers is $89,003, according to Canadian Business. Since there are more job openings than applicants, there’s plenty of opportunity in this field.

2. Petroleum & Chemical Process Engineer

Canada’s petroleum industry isn’t what it used to be, but there’s still a lot of opportunity. The industry is starting to bounce back, and there are nearly twice as many active oil rigs in Canada this year compared to last.

If you want to get in on this opportunity, consider becoming a petroleum and chemical process engineer. These engineers play a big role in the petroleum industry. They conduct studies for new oil fields and could even develop new equipment. They develop the processes that turn raw materials into sellable products.

The median salary for these engineers is $104,000.

3. Electronics Engineer

Electronics are a big part of modern life, and as an electronics engineer, you can play a role in creating them. These engineers develop broadcast and communication systems and other electronic equipment. For example, you could develop new music players or other electronics.

Engineers with this specialization earn a median salary of $85,009, reports Canadian Business. Plus, there’s more than one job per applicant in this specialization, so you’ll have plenty of options. If you monitor current job opportunities in this field, you could find a position in no time.

4. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are responsible for designing construction projects in the public and private sectors. They work on everything from tunnels to dams to sewage treatment facilities.

As a civil engineer, you’ll need to consider factors like environmental hazards and government regulations when you’re designing projects. Civil engineers earn a median salary of $80,080.

5. Industrial Engineer

Do you dislike waste and inefficiency? Those are great qualities for industrial engineers. These engineers are responsible for figuring out ways to make production processes more efficient. For example, they could evaluate job performance and determine how workers can complete their tasks the most efficiently. They could also determine more efficient ways to move heavy parts.

In this exciting career, engineers earn a median salary of $74,006.

6. Mechanical Engineer

If you’re not quite sure what type of engineering is best for you, consider mechanical engineering. This is a broad engineering discipline, so you can have the opportunity to pursue varied tasks. These tasks could include designing, developing, and testing any number of devices. You could work on tools, machines, engines, sensors, or other projects.

Mechanical engineers earn a median salary of $79,996 per year.