Contract Work Compass: How are contract employees paid?

The Gig Economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. There’s no doubt that the world of work is changing. And big change inspires important questions. At Ian Martin, we believe every question is valid in the search for meaningful work. This blog post series answers the questions we’re hearing from candidates as they chart their courses in the new world of work. 

The Question:

As an Ian Martin contract employee, is the way I get paid for my work different than if I was working in a salaried position? 

The Directional Assistance:

As an Ian Martin contract employee, you will be paid for your service by Ian Martin, not the end company for which you will actually be performing the work. For example, if you take on a contract position as a Software Engineer with ACME Systems, you’ll report to work there and be responsible for helping ACME Systems achieve their business objectives through your role. The difference is ACME Computing will pay Ian Martin for your time, and Ian Martin will be responsible for paying you. Each week you’ll record your time in an easy-to-use time collection tool that you’ll receive training on at the beginning of your contract. Should you have any questions, Ian Martin’s Contractor Success Team will be able to guide you through every step. Our Contractor Success Team is comprised of friendly human resources professionals who are always just a call, text, or email away to answer any questions you might have about timekeeping and all the other ins and outs of your contract assignment.  

As an Ian Martin contract employee you will be:

  • Entitled to maternity/paternity leave and other benefits coverage through Employment Insurance. 
  • Entitled to an overtime rate based on provincial legislation (unless a professionally exempt role), statutory holiday pay and vacation pay. 
  • Reimbursed for eligible work-related expenses incurred for the end company (e.g. tools, authorized work travel). It is always best to speak to a Manager about the expense before incurring the cost. The end client that you are working for will likely have an expense policy and best practices that you’ll want to follow that offers guidance on things like preferred hotel partners and eligible mileage expenses for travel using personal vehicles. 
  • Provided with a Record of Employment at the end of the contract with Ian Martin.

Rather than becoming Ian Martin contract employees, some successful candidates opt instead to take on the contract as an independent or freelance contractor through an incorporated business. In this type of arrangement, the relationship between Ian Martin and the contractor is business to business, vs business to employee. As a result, there are some key differences to consider. To learn about the difference between working as an Ian Martin contact employee and contracting your services to Ian Martin as an independent or freelance contractor, read this blog post.