Do You Know about These 7 Engineering Job Opportunities in Canada?

Are you interested in a career in engineering? This field is in high demand in Canada, so there are plenty of job opportunities. Engineering is a broad field, and there are many different types of engineers.

Learning about engineering job opportunities can help you decide which type of engineering is most interesting to you. Here are seven engineering job opportunities in Canada to consider.

1. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers design aircraft, satellites, missiles, and even spacecraft. While few of the big aerospace manufacturers are in Canada, there are plenty of aerospace engineering job opportunities in Canada.

There’s an extensive supply chain to provide parts for the big manufacturers. That means there are many small companies in Canada that need aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineering is ranked one of the best jobs in Canada by Canadian Business. Aerospace engineers earn a median salary of $89,003 a year.

2. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering is a broad sector. As a mechanical engineer, you’ll get to develop, build, and test a variety of mechanical devices. These devices include tools, engines, and machines. Mechanical engineers can work in almost any engineering industry, so there are many mechanical engineering job opportunities in Canada. These engineers can work in industries as diverse as biotechnology, construction, or energy. Mechanical engineers bring home a median salary of $79,996 a year.

3. Petroleum Engineer

Are you interested in the oil and gas industry? You may be interested in petroleum engineering job opportunities in Canada. Petroleum engineers develop new ways for oil companies to extract oil and gas from the Earth. While the recent oil downturn was hard on petroleum engineers, this field still made Canadian Business’s list of the top 100 jobs in Canada. As a petroleum engineer, you could earn a median salary of $104,000 a year.

4. Software Engineer

If you love computers, consider becoming a software engineer. This is one of the most sought-after careers in engineering. Software engineers are responsible for writing, editing, and testing computer programs. They ensure the programs they create continue to function properly through ongoing maintenance.

Since nearly every modern business needs computers, software engineers’ skills are in demand. These engineers earn a median salary of $90,001 a year.

5. Electrical Engineer

If you’ve always been fascinated by the power of electricity, a career as an electrical engineer may be right up your alley. Electrical engineers design, develop, and test electrical equipment.

Since much of today’s technology uses electricity, these engineers have essential expertise and can work on many interesting projects. Everything from satellites to computers to wireless networks requires the knowledge of electrical engineers. These engineers earn a median salary of $64,480 a year.

6. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers use chemistry to solve problems. These problems can involve the production and use of a wide variety of products, ranging from food to drugs to fuel. For example, they could develop safety procedures that will be used by people working with dangerous chemicals. Chemical engineers can specialize further and focus on fields like nanomaterials or oxidation. With their specialized skills, they earn a median salary of $85,009 a year.

7. Civil Engineer

Have you always been interested in bridges, dams, and other feats of engineering? As a civil engineer, you can design and build these types of infrastructure projects. Civil engineers are also involved with operating and maintaining these structures. They have to study how environmental factors, like the weather, will affect their structures. They also have to make sure the structures meet safety standards. For their efforts, they earn a median salary of $80,080 a year.