Do you Speak Developer? Tips for Hiring Software Engineers

We all know tech is a tight market, and salaries for many types of developers are getting out of hand.

Our research finds that while compensation is important, it isn’t everything. You can still hire great people, even if you can’t afford the salaries offered by tech giants.

Want to know how? Here’s a few tips on attracting (and keeping) the very best software developers for your team.

#1 Give them room to work their own way
Generally speaking, engineers of all sorts are motivated and creative people, and there are two things they really dislike: micro management and boring work.

Keeping them interested can be tough. You’ve probably heard about Google’s 20% time, where employees used to spend about a day week working on side projects that are interesting to them.

While policies like that are hard to implement (especially when things get busy), it’s a good illustration of how to keep your developers happy. Even if you can’t give your employees a day a week to do their own thing, find a way to let them be autonomous.

Working from home and allowing flexible hours are big attractors for developers because it lets them work on their own terms. Chances to learn new programming skills or take workshops are also a big deal, because they keep people engaged.

If your developers know that they’ll have the trust and latitude to work on projects their way, they’ll not only be more creative and productive: they’ll also be happy with their job, and be more likely to stick around.

#2 – If you have other developers on your team, get them involved
Developers want to work with people who know what they’re doing, and only want to work for credible companies. If your job ad is unprofessional, or if it looks like you don’t understand the technology applicants will be working with, they’ll just look for a job somewhere else.

Solution? Get your other tech people involved. They know your tech stack, the industry, and most importantly, what’s going to be interesting and important about the work. Get them to look over job ads, and if possible, get them involved at in the hiring process.

#3 Tell them about the big picture
Engineers are super interested in the impact their work makes. The worst thing for many developers is feeling like their work doesn’t matter, or that their contributions are seen as a cost on the overall business picture, rather than something that adds value.

Odds are, if you’re trying to hire a great developer, their work is going to be pretty important for your organization. So let them know about the impact they’re going to make, and how their work might relate to the broader world.

Will they be solving difficult problems while working with some smart people? Put that in your job ad and get one of your senior developers to come to the interview and explain all the exciting things they’re working on.

Many engineers are driven by the desire to do interesting and creative work that matters. If you can convince candidates that their work makes an impact, or if it contributes to their professional field, they’ll be champing at the technological bit to come on board.

Remember: if you’re having trouble hiring developers, people with experience are ready to help. Fitzii’s Hiring Advisors know how to attract the very best talent, even in hyper-competitive markets like software engineering.

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