Elevate Your Job Ads

If you’re not attracting the kind of candidates you were hoping for, it might be time to take a closer look at your job ads. Job seekers’ search habits change over time, so what might have been an effective ad a few years ago could be falling flat today. We’ve captured the latest advice on writing a strategically crafted job ad in the infographic below to help you attract the attention of today’s top talent.

   Going Mobile

1) Who’s searching for a job on their phone?

2) Make a direct call to smartphone users

Keep the ad to a concise 300 – 700 words

Shoot for 13 words per sentence

Break up 1/3 of ad content with bullet points

 Mind Your Words

  Use terms like “You” and “We” instead of “The Ideal Candidate” and “Our Employees”

  Include specific qualifications, experience, and skillsets to reduce unqualified candidates

  Differentiate between MUST-HAVE skills and NICE-TO-HAVE skills

  Eliminate acronyms and jargon: WFH B2B think outside the box synergy

   Remember What You’re Writing

It’s a job ad, not a job description. SELL potential candidates on why your company is a great place to work. Do you have a unique culture you’re proud of? Highlight the specific benefits of working at your company to draw candidates in.

   Time it Right

 Best Day to Post: Monday

Job search engines get their most traffic at the beginning of the work week.

 Best Time to Post: Morning

Get your ad at the top of the pile when job hunters start their daily search.

   An Example:

Are you wondering if your job ads could use a lift?

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Trevor Breininger

Trevor Breininger

Trevor brings experience in both recruiting and business development to his role as Business Development Manager at Ian Martin. He knows the industry from both a recruiting and an account management perspective and would like to communicate what works best to clients. As an avid reader, Trevor reads everything from industry related books to science fiction. He also enjoys getting outside and enjoying a beautiful day on the golf course.
Trevor Breininger