Engineering Job Opportunities in Canada to Watch in 2017

Engineering is widely considered one of the best fields of study you can enter—there is a continual demand for skilled engineers, and the job opportunities are vast and varied. However, each different engineering field has its own unique challenges and demands. Here are the engineering job opportunities you should be watching out for in the coming year.

Software Engineer

The internet and smartphones are a huge part of our lives; they facilitate a huge portion of the work we do and how we communicate with others. As computer technology continues to dominate, with no signs of slowing down, software engineering remains one of the most in-demand jobs, and the top engineering job opportunity to watch in 2017.

Big tech companies are constantly in need of skilled software engineers to help them better their products, with big companies like Apple and Google being some of the biggest employers of engineers. As technology continues to change at a rapid pace, these big companies will always be on the lookout for fresh talent who can bring new ideas and innovation to their workforces.

But software engineers aren’t just limited to big companies. Startups are popping up all the time, and are doing incredibly well in meeting the new demands and challenges facing an increasingly tech-savvy population. With the amount of startups on the rise, they are all in need of software engineers to help them grow. Getting in on the ground floor of a company that has the potential to grow exponentially within the coming years is an amazing opportunity.

Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are in high demand, and that demand is only going to increase over the coming years. Canada has an aging population. Last year, StatsCan reported that there are more Canadians over the age of 65 then there are under the age of 15. That means there will be a growing need for skilled workers in the medical field, including biomedical engineers.

New technologies that can meet the challenges of an increasingly aged population will be needed.Biomedical engineers, who help design systems, equipment, and devices to meet clinical problems, in conjunction with doctors and researchers, are going to be a big part of that demand.

Technology has become an integral part of medical treatment in the last decade, with more and more medical providers relying on innovative technological systems to help them perform and deliver both basic and difficult treatments. Biomedical engineers bridge the gap between the services delivered and the technologies used, and are an important part of helping people and saving lives.

Civil Engineering

Of all the engineering job opportunities, the civil engineering sector represents the largest percentage of engineering workers. This is because civil engineers, who help plan, design, and manage new infrastructure projects, and assist in the maintenance of aging structures, are an integral part of our cities, and are constantly in need. Especially in a growing city like Toronto, where new buildings are going up all the time, there will always be a need for skilled civil engineers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Toronto is the leading city in North America for new constructions, ahead of Montreal and New York City, with more than a hundred construction projects underway. In the new year, the emphasis on construction and new infrastructure will ensure that civil engineers remain one of the most in-demand engineering job opportunities in Canada. However, it’s not just new buildings that require civil engineers; Canada is faced with a crisis of aging infrastructure, with a growing need for maintenance of older buildings and structures. Now and in the coming years, civil engineers will be an integral part of keeping our current infrastructure safe and sound while innovating for future development.