Five Tips for Creating an Effective Careers Page

One of my favourite features that Fitzii offers is the ability for recruiters, using a simple drag-and-drop interface, to create, publish and maintain attractive, company-branded, careers pages. This feature was driven by our small and medium business customers who often expressed dissatisfaction with their existing on-line careers presence, but whom were finding it difficult to make improvements due to the need to involve their IT departments or other technical resources to make them happen.

No matter which mechanism you use to create and maintain your on-line careers page, here are some tips and tricks to make sure it is working hard for you:

  1. Give it some time and attention – The careers page is often an applicant’s first exposure to your company. It deserves more than a few paragraphs and a “please email us your resume” message. Get assistance from your Marketing colleagues or any other creative people in your organization if you can.
  2. Describe your company and your culture, honestly – You want to create an employment section that attracts not just well-qualified applicants, but also people that are a good fit for your company and your culture. Consider covering topics like “What We Do”, “What it is Like to Work Here”, “Our People”, “Our Location”, “Community Involvement” and include employee testimonials. Try to avoid the temptation to use the company history and vision statement here.
  3. Keep it up to date – Obviously, most important is that the job listings are easy-to-find and still open to new applicants – there isn’t much worse for a jobseeker than putting in the effort of applying, only to discover the job is no longer available. In addition to updating the job listings, renewing and refreshing the other content is valuable in strengthening your employee brand and keeping the interest of potential employees.
  4. Make it personal and authentic – Similarly to describing your culture accurately, using photos or short videos of actual employees, locations and activities sends a much more meaningful message. Describe the benefits and perks that employees enjoy anything else that makes your company special.
  5. Build a strong process – Remember the careers page is just the starting point. Make sure interested applicants can apply to jobs easily, register their interest in your company for future opportunities or just reach out with a question.  It may help to think of potential applicants as customers and a successful application as a sale.

Using these simple guidelines, it is possible to create a professional and compelling careers section. If you examples of great career sites, or have other tips and tricks, please share them in the comments.