Four Interview Costumes That Will Haunt Your Job Search

The team at Ian Martin loves a Halloween costume. Need proof?  Just check out some of the highlights from last year when employees dressed up as the career they dreamed of pursuing when they were kids.  There’s a time and a place for everything, however, and the wrong interview outfit can be a truly scary thing. Here are some of the spookiest wardrobe mistakes that are haunting our recruiters’ dreams of late. 


The Mark Zuckerberg 

While many tech companies tend to opt for a more casual dress code, that doesn’t give candidates permission to adopt Mark Zuckerberg’s signature style of a t-shirt and hoodie for the interview. If you’re unsure about what to wear and worried that formal business attire may be too much, ask your recruiter for their opinion. They can provide you with insider insight into the company’s corporate culture so you stand out – for the right reasons. 


The Ghost of Footwear Past 

There’s nothing that detracts attention from a great business outfit faster than scuffed and dirty old shoes on your feet. A pair of smart shoes helps send a message that you pay attention to detail, which is something that will be appreciated by any employer. Even if your wardrobe budget can’t cover a brand-new pair of shoes, pick up some polish to give those kicks a new lease on life.  


The Count Distract-ula 

Before you depart for your interview, take one last look in the mirror to assess the distraction factor of your accessories. Multiple bracelets can create an annoying jingling sound with every gesture. While a Darth Vadar tie might be a great conversation starter at a cocktail party, when you only have a limited window of time to convince the hiring team that you’re a great fit you don’t want to waste precious minutes comparing favourite Star Wars characters. If it’s a sunny day, have a plan for stashing your sunglasses. Perching them on your forehead gives the impression the interview has interrupted your beach vacation.  


The Aroma Apparition 

A strength overdone can become a weakness and that’s certainly the case when it comes to fragrances from lotions, potions, perfumes, and colognes. A growing number of people suffer from fragrance sensitivities and allergies, which means the wrong scent can send them sneezing, wheezing, breaking out in hives or worse. To ensure you have the undivided attention of your interview panel, go easy on any fragrances on the day of your interview. 


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