Giving Back with our Time: Ian Martin Volunteering Program

Promoting and providing employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities helps to attract top talent; engage, develop, and retain employees; boost public image; and improve the bottom line.

We’ve talked about the fundraising aspect of Ian Martin’s Stewardship Program, both our history and vision for the future.  Volunteering is an equally important aspect of the Ian Martin Stewardship culture that we want to continue to develop.  In an article by TRUiST, a provider of web-based platforms for corporate philanthropy programs, it is stated that employee giving, corporate gift matching, and employee volunteer programs are the three key aspects to a corporate stewardship program.  And using the image of a 3 legged stool, Volunteering is a key leg in the stability of the program.

Ian Martin employees have shown great interest in getting involved over the years.  In the past we have served meals at Kerr Street Ministries and at the Yonge St. Mission and prepared and delivered street survival packages to the homeless through Urban Promise. In our recent survey, although at present only a small percentage of you give time to causes that IMG supports, 77.6% of you say that you are likely or very likely to give time to those causes in the future!  Further, 81.6% of you say that you are likely or very likely to contribute your skills and knowledge to a cause program that was designed by employees, for employees!

Volunteering focused on meaningful work

Therefore, in addition to the Fundraising program, the Stewardship Council has also developed the initial framework for our Volunteering program.  We wanted to make sure it aligns it with our core business, but that it is fun and competitive in keeping with true Ian Martin spirit as well.  Again, we want to put primary focus on areas where we are experts, and where we can have the biggest impact.  In other words, keeping at the forefront our meaningful work focus and three foundational objectives:

We see a world with each and every person pursuing meaningful work.

  1. We break down barriers to employment.
  2. We unleash technical talent for a more innovative, more prosperous world.
  3. We are changing the way business is done, creating benefit for people and our planet.

To this end we will be looking to all employees for ideas on volunteer opportunities in their communities that support these objectives.  We will accomplish this via geographically and workgroup based teams of employees.


Some examples of volunteering activities that Ian Martin employees can get involved with right away are:

Mentoring a New Immigrant through TRIAC’s Mentoring Partnership Program

Mentor someone new to the country in their career development and search.  You can work with someone from any profession, industry or occupation.  You can help them develop their professional networks and job search strategies, understand the Canadian context of their profession and workplace culture and/or share on their industry and occupation.

Sorting Donations at Dress for Success

Organizing the apparel that Dress for Success receives and stores is an enormous and ongoing task.  They always need volunteers who can help sort donations, change inventory in the shop, organize the racks and make sure that the boutique is clean and orderly.

Provide Training about the Engineering Job Market with ACSESS

The Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services actively represents our industry before governments and provides leadership in professional development and industry standards as part the CPC Certification Program.  Opportunities are available for our staff to stage mock-interviews with Technical/Engineer’s that are looking for a job.

Honouring Employee Personal Volunteering

As with fundraising, it makes sense as a company to support activities that are an extension of what our business stands for.  But many of our employees already volunteer in their communities to charities and community events that are important to them.  We want to provide encouragement to continue these areas of involvement, and provide some reward at work as part of our program too.

Keeping Track of volunteer activity

Points will be awarded for every hour of volunteer activity time logged by employees.  The points will be assigned to two categories – Strategic Volunteer Activities and Personal Volunteer Activities.  Strategic Volunteer Activities are those that are 100% focussed on meaningful work and our foundational objectives.  Personal Volunteer Activities will be those that you are involved in externally or outside of work.  Both team and individual points will get tracked in our new Stewardship Portal called Benevity, and the competition will run until July 31, 2015.benevity

Did you mention competition?

We’ve discovered that employees at Ian Martin love to compete against each other. This has been evident in participation in such programs as the summer Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) where every week step counts between teams were neck and neck and our Great Pumpkin Carve Off contest where the competition gave us a 6300% increase in Facebook traffic because of the voting. Too keep up with the fun, all Ian Martin employees have been assigned to a Volunteering Team based on either their work group or geography.  Team leaders have been recruited and are enthusiastically getting ready to lead the teams to victory.

Teams and captains are as follows:


Team Name Team Members Team Captain
Team Alpha Eastern Canada – Ottawa, Montreal, St. John Aditi Tyagi
Team Bravo Oakville – Corporate Services & IT Emily Legree
Team Charlie SW Ontario – Ancaster, Mississauga, KW, London, Tiverton Jason Cain
Team Delta IME – Pickering, Troy Kevin Holmes
Team Echo Oakville – Payroll & Accounting Leslie Silva
Team Foxtrot Western Canada – Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary Lisa Wong
Team Golf Toronto – IMIT Scott Burgess
Team Hotel Toronto – 500 Staffing & Marketing Samitha Sundarajah
Team India Oakville – John’s pod & Robert’s pod Scott Russell


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