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IT Staffing and Recruiting Tips: How to Hire Talented Developers

Since developers are in high demand, hiring can be a challenge. IT managers need all the help they can get with IT staffing and recruiting. To make hiring talented developers easier, follow these tips.

Stop Relying on Job Ads

If your only recruitment strategy is posting job ads on online job boards, it’s time to branch out. While you can find good candidates from job ads, it’s not always the most efficient recruitment method. When you post a job ad online, tons of unqualified applicants send in their resumes. Worse, you may not even get any applicants you want to interview.

Why are so many unqualified applicants applying for your jobs? Since developers are in high demand, the most talented ones may already be employed somewhere else. They aren’t browsing job boards. To find the top developers you need, you need to switch up your tactics.

Ask for Employee Referrals

One of the ways you can find top developers is to ask your current employees for referrals. The good developers on your team probably know other people in the industry. Let your employees know you’re looking to hire new developers, and ask them for referrals. Your employees may know people who might be interested in your open roles.

To encourage referrals, make it easy for your employees to refer candidates. Ideally, employees should be able to simply pass on the names and contact information of referred candidates.

If you end up hiring someone through an employee referral, make sure to reward the employee who made the referral. Different employees value different rewards, so just ask. Some employees may want cash bonuses, while others would prefer an extra vacation day. Others might prefer getting thanked for the referral publicly.

Work Your Network

Your employees aren’t the only ones who might know interested candidates. As an IT manager, you probably have a large network of your own. Let your contacts know you’re looking for a great developer to join your team. One of your contacts may know a developer who’d be interested in your open position.

If nobody in your network can help, grow your network. You could attend IT conferences to meet new people. For example, you could go to iTech2017, an IT technology conference. At this conference, you could meet other IT managers and CIOs. Someone you meet could be able to help you fill the open developer positions on your team. You may be able to help your new contacts fill their open positions, too. When a new hire comes up, you can then reach out to your new contacts on social media channels like LinkedIn to crowdsource potential candidates.

Get Help from a Technical Recruiting Agency

Sometimes, you need a new developer for your team right away. You don’t have time to ask employees for referrals or go to conferences. You need your new developer yesterday. In situations like this, you can get help from a technical recruiting agency. Since recruiters have great networking skills, they can find the top candidates you need quickly.

Technical recruiters have a lot of experience with IT staffing and recruiting. They have large pools of talented candidates they can call on. If they don’t have any suitable candidates in their pool, they can work their networks to find top talent. They can even locate candidates who are already employed somewhere else. While these passive candidates may not be actively job hunting, they may be interested in joining your team. When you need qualified developers and IT staff at the right time, it makes sense to outsource your recruiting.

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