What IT Hiring Managers Should Consider When Hiring Developers

Do you need to hire some new developers? It’s important to choose the right candidates, but this is often easier said than done. IT hiring managers may feel like they need a guide for hiring IT professionals with confidence.

Here are some factors IT hiring managers should consider when hiring developers.

Hard Skills

When you’re hiring developers, you need to consider their hard skills. Hard skills are the job-specific skills that are necessary to succeed in a position. Candidates require these skills to perform well in their jobs and add value to your team. For example, an iOS developer needs to have a strong knowledge of Objective C, Cocoa Touch, iOS SDK, and XCTest. A Java developer needs to have an expert-level skill of Java.

Since these skills are essential for success, you need to be sure job candidates have them. Anyone can list Java expertise on a resume. To make sure candidates actually have the right skills, have them perform a short test during interviews. This test could be a short problem your team recently solved. By observing candidates work through the test, you can evaluate their skills.

As an IT hiring manager, you’re not an expert in all the hard skills your developers need to know. That’s fine, and nobody expects you to be an expert. However, this can make it harder to evaluate candidates’ hard skills. For help evaluating developers, look to your existing team. You probably have some talented people on your team who could sit in on interviews with you. For example, when you’re interviewing new Java developers, have one of your existing Java developers evaluate candidates’ hard skills.

Soft Skills

Hard skills are essential, but soft skills are also really important. Soft skills are the personal attributes candidates need to perform well on your team. These skills are linked to personality, so they’re harder for candidates to improve or change. That’s why IT hiring managers need to ensure candidates have the right soft skills during the hiring process.

Communication is a key soft skill for developers. These professionals need to be able to communicate clearly with managers, coworkers, and clients. To assess this skill during interviews, ask candidates to describe past situations that required good communication skills. For example, ask them to tell you about a time they had to explain a technical concept to a non-technical client.

Teamwork is another essential soft skill for developers. Even developers who work remotely have to work as part of a team and get along with their coworkers. Good teamwork skills let developers advance projects instead of holding them back. To evaluate teamwork skills, ask candidates to tell you about a time they helped solve a problem with a team.

Cultural Fit

Every company has a culture. Company culture is made up of the beliefs and behaviours that govern interactions within the company. When you’re hiring developers, it’s important to consider cultural fit. Employees who fit in with your culture are more likely to perform well and stay with the company.

For example, if your company has a relaxed culture and employees have flexible schedules, seek a developer with a laid-back personality who can manage his own schedule. If your company has a team-oriented culture and an open-office seating plan, look for a personable employee who prefers to work as part of a team. By hiring for cultural fit, you can hire employees who can thrive in your company’s environment.

During interviews, ask candidates to describe their ideal work environments. Ask them about their preferred work style and favourite management styles. These questions can help you determine which candidates will thrive in your company’s environment.

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