How David Can Beat Goliath in the War for Talent

Hirefly launches during Canadian Small Business Week as the first comprehensive shortlisting service designed to help small and medium sized organizations improve their hiring practices and win in the war for talent.

Small and medium sized businesses employ more people than any other sector, but they are at a hiring disadvantage compared to large corporations who have expert internal recruiting teams and tools.

Today, small businesses either attempt time consuming “do-it-yourself” recruiting tactics or rely on expensive third party recruiting agencies. Lacking the advantage of scale, they spend almost twice as much as large corporations in talent acquisition per hire, according to Bersin by Deloitte.

It doesn’t have to be this way, according to an infographic that details five winning tactics called “How David Can Beat Goliath in the War for Talent”, created by the new shortlisting service Hirefly.

Launching during Canadian Small Business week, Hirefly is designed to be an affordable recruiting solution for smaller Canadian organizations. Hirefly’s services combine proven recruiting and assessment methods to deliver a shortlist of candidates at less cost than even large organizations spend per hire.

“With so much innovation happening in recruiting, hiring no longer needs to be hard or expensive,” says Edwin Jansen, Managing Director at Hirefly.  “We created Hirefly because smaller organizations are being priced out of the market for expert recruiting services. In a world where 80% of people don’t love their work, we think better hiring processes can make all the difference”.

Hirefly’s shortlisting packages start at $1200, which is 60-90% less than recruiting agencies charge for their services. They also offer a 100% satisfaction (or your money back) guarantee to eliminate risk for budget conscious organizations.

Hirefly’s approach combines the value of an experienced recruiter with proven tools that save time and better predict great hires. For common roles, the Applicant Shortlisting package provides a compelling job ad that is widely marketed, and an assessment to evaluate and score all candidates on their qualifications, personality traits, and culture fit. For hard-to-fill roles, Passive Candidate Shortlisting will research the online profiles of relevant candidates and email them with job information. In both cases, the client simply gets a shortlist of the best candidates to interview.

To address other hiring needs, Hirefly offers additional unique services like an hourly “rent-a-recruiter” option, recorded video screening, and reference-check surveys. As a special promotion for Canadian Small Business Week, customers who order a shortlisting package will also receive one of these additional services at no extra charge.


“MaRS supports entrepreneurs in building Canada’s next generation of growth companies, and we’ve seen first-hand the range of hiring challenges our start-up clients have faced,” says Adam Jagelewski, an Associate Director at MaRS Discovery District.  “Most work with small budgets, short timelines, and jobs with specific requirements, not to mention unique company cultures.  While every hire is important for any business, smaller organizations have no margin for error.  Hirefly can help them select the right talent based on several dimensions and in a cost-effective way.”

About Hirefly
Hirefly exists to help smaller organizations hire better so that more people will love their work. Priced at 60-90% less than recruiting agencies, Hirefly is the affordable shortcut to hiring success. It is the only company that delivers comprehensive shortlisting services that assess each candidate’s qualifications, personality traits and culture fit. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Hirefly is owned by the Ian Martin Group, North America’s most progressive recruitment and project-staffing firm. As a Certified B Corporation, the company meets comprehensive standards that measure its impact on employees, suppliers, community and the environment. For more information visit or call 1-855-610-HIRE

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