How Hiring Managers Can Become Better at Hiring

To hire the very best employees, you want to make sure your hiring process is top notch, but doing so can be really difficult. There are so many competing ideas about the best ways for hiring managers to approach hiring.

Luckily, there are some simple things hiring managers can do to instantly improve their hiring strategies, and we are here to tell you what they are.

Make a Plan

Having a solid and consistent plan for hiring is one of the best ways for hiring managers to improve their hiring technique. Making a plan before you start the hiring process means that nothing is left up to chance or quick impressions. Instead, the hiring process follows a tried and tested procedure that has proven to provide the best results and that doesn’t fluctuate. Devising the perfect hiring plan will mean taking a closer look at hiring metrics and finding out what works best for your company’s individual needs.

Define the Job

Hiring managers should always have a firm understanding of the position and the qualifications necessary for its fulfillments. When filling a position, nothing about the position should be vague. The hiring manager should have an exact idea of what the job entails, what direct responsibilities it will cover, and what skills the right candidate will need to meet those responsibilities.

Without a firm understanding of the job description, it’s much more likely that you’ll end up with someone who does not meet all the necessary criteria. A good idea for making sure the candidate meets the job qualifications is to make a checklist and bring it with you to the interview, then check things off as the candidate demonstrates their fulfillment.

Conduct Better Interviews

The questions hiring managers ask in the interview can make a big difference in how much they learn about the candidate’s suitability. Asking the right questions is key to conducting better interviews that result in better hires. To begin, you should always have your questions prepared in advance of the interview. Your questions should be structured to avoid any vague language or to invite general answers. At the same time, you should pose open-ended questions that encourage candidates to give detailed answers related to their previous work experiences. Questions that asses how well the candidate has prepared for the interview, and how much they know about your company, are also a great way to measure ambition and drive.

Test the Candidates

Mixing up the interview to include more than just questions is something that many companies don’t do, but they should. Interviews that are more interactive will give hiring managers a better indication of the candidate’s skill level and experience, their problem solving abilities, and how resourceful they are. Give them problems and don’t just ask them for solutions—ask them how they would get to that solution. The more interactive this exercise is with your company’s everyday technology, the better results it will produce.

Hire with Others

We all pick up on different things when we meet new people, and consulting with multiple people about a candidate is a great way to make sure you get the most accurate reading of their suitability. Have more than one person interview the candidate, whether through a group interview, or individual interviews with members of your team.

It’s especially helpful for hiring managers to involve people from the actual department in which the position needs to be filled. They’ll have an especially keen idea of what skills the candidate should have to successfully fill the position. Multiple person interviews are proven to be one of the best ways to become better at hiring.

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