How to keep your skill set sharp and be in demand (part 2)

Due to the pervasiveness of technology throughout all industries, many companies are looking to expand their IT departments. In part one, we took a look at two of five specialties that have emerged as being particularly in demand, as identified by Big data management knowledge and possessing specific skill subsets. The other three are as follows:

3) UX-related tech expertise
User experience, or UX, is a critical factor for organizations. As pointed out, “many companies are putting a heavy emphasis on improving the user experience and branding of their websites, apps, e-commerce process, advertising campaigns and landing pages.”

People’s experience with a brand can transform them into loyal customers or turn them off completely, which is why US designers, interaction designers, visual designers and similar professionals are so important. These types of workers blend the role of technology professional with design and art elements that are absent in other positions within the sector.

4) Mobile know-how
Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the mobile browsing experience. According to the Pew Research Internet Project, more than half (58 percent) of surveyed adults owned smartphones as of January 2014, while 42 percent owned tablets and 32 percent owned e-readers.

In light of these figures, companies that haven’t optimized their web offerings to be compatible with these devices are putting themselves at a significant disadvantage. These firms desperately need mobile formatting experts to help them get their websites, blogs, e-newsletters and more up to speed as quickly as possible. For those that don’t bring in the necessary personnel, the consequences could be steep. A Super Monitoring report cited by compared the effect of a site that hasn’t been optimized for mobile access to an enterprise closing its brick-and-mortar store for one extra day per week.

5) Tech support
It stands to reason that as corporations and consumers alike rely more heavily on technology, their need for technical support will also increase. In addition to having the ability to rectify all manner of tech snafus, support staff also need to possess patience and understand how to simplify complicated concepts without making people feel patronized.

So there we have it: The five elements that may add an edge in the world of IT recruitment are knowledge of big data management, niche skill sets, UX-related tech expertise, mobile know-how and tech support.