How to Sharpen Your Staffing Process

When you hire the right people with the right skills, your team gets great work done. When your staffing process is flawed, your company can suffer major consequences. Having an effective and sharpened hiring strategywill attract the right talent who will contribute to your short-term operations and your long-term growth as a business.

If you can’t seem to draw interest from top talent, it’s likely you need to tweakyour staffing process. We all know that cutting any waste is essential for maintaining your business, so let’s get started. Here’s what could be causing the problem, and how you can get back on track to finding—and keeping—your ideal candidates.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

It’s possible that you’re simply not taking the initiative during your staffing process to take advantage of the opportunities available that lead you to find top talent. For example, where are you posting your job descriptions? Beyond the usual job boards, it’s best to distribute through a number of industry-specific channels to find the most qualified candidates. When you post through social media, you’re tapping into a direct network of people in your industry that you know are already interested in what you’re doing or saying.

Write a Great Job Description

You might want to list the job functions– when really you need to sell the job. The vast majority of job ads are missing the mark because they are job descriptions, and not job advertisements. Potential candidates only spend six seconds scanning an ad, looking for certain indicators to decide whether or not to read the whole thing. Does the ad feel positive and exciting? Does it use enough verbs, or is it littered with corporate jargon? One study showed that professionally written job ads are at a minimum three times better than the average job ad written by our clients, and 94% more effective than the average posting on job boards.

How You Can Bring Change

Test your candidates. Adding this step to the hiring process means you’re putting your energy towards preventing any mistakes for your company. A little time now can save massive amounts of time and money later (and avoid the costs of a bad hire). Tests can take many forms, so tailor it to your industry to ensure your candidate is capable and adequate at performing the job before giving them an interview. You just want to make sure the skills and qualifications on their resume line up with reality.

Include others in the process. In doing so, you’ll have the diverse perspectives needed to make a calculated and smart decision. Others may pick up on something that you didn’t, and you get to see how your candidate interacts with their team and the people they’ll be spending 40 hours a week with. A good cultural fit can make a world of difference.

Ask for help. There’s no shame in admitting that the staffing process isn’t part of your expertise. That’s why there are actual experts who you can hire to take the lead in finding you the perfect candidate, right from the very beginning. Partnering with a recruitment agency gives you the time you need to focus on running your business and ensures the quality of their hire.

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