How to Tell Who The Best Job Candidate Is

Hiring can be tricky, especially when you are met with numerous candidates who all have great potential, and who have individual strengths that could be a great asset to your business. If only you could offer employment to all the amazing candidates you meet!

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And yet, making difficult decisions is a part of the hiring process. We’re here to help! Consider this your guide for how to tell who the best job candidate is.

Ask the Right Questions

It’s no secret that the interview is one of the most crucial parts of choosing a job candidate. A candidate who looks great on paper can be less than ideal in person. Face-to-face interaction gives you a good sense of what kind of person—and what kind of employee—the candidate will be. However, if you’re not asking the right questions, you’re not getting the maximum potential out of the interview process.

The right questions are structured and require specific responses in return. They ask the interviewees to put their past experiences into a context that will help elucidate how they would perform in a new environment. You can raise problems candidates could potentially face in the position, and ask them how they would approach these situations based on previous experience. Avoid any questions that don’t give you specific information about the candidate.

Test Their Knowledge

The best job candidate will be someone who is enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at your company, someone who has taken the time to prepare his or her application, and someone who is prepared for the interview. If they are serious about the opportunity, they will have researched your company, and learned as much as they can about the way you conduct business.

Don’t be afraid to test their knowledge. Ask them questions that will have required some forethought. This might fluster some interviewees, but the best candidate is someone who has given serious consideration to the position and will be able to answer these questions fully and honestly.

Ensure They’re a Good Fit For Your Corporate Culture

No matter how qualified the job candidate is, and no matter how perfect he or she looks on paper, there are certain things that can’t be accounted for on a resume. One of those things is how well the individual will fit into your specific company.

Corporate culture is one of the determining factors in how well new employees take to their role, not how many boxes they tick on their resume. The biggest reason for new hire turnover is not being a good fit for the work environment. If you focus exclusively on the skill set of the individual you are interviewing, you can miss other equally important things. Does the candidate have a good attitude? Does he or she listen well? Does his or her values align with that of the company? Does his or her work habits match those of other employees?

Have Multiple Perspectives

One great way of testing for compatibility is by having a candidate interviewed by multiple different people. This can mean the candidate being interviewed by several people at once, or it could mean a series of separate interviews with different individuals. A multiple person interview is a great way of determining if the candidate will actually be a good fit. The candidate will meet a number of your colleagues, and each will be able to report back on whether they can see him or her working at your company.

Other people can also catch things that you might not necessary see yourself, such as the candidate’s body language. It can be difficult to analyze each response in an interview. You’re trying to think through your own questions and their answers, and attempting to make additional observations can overwhelm the process. Other people will pick up on things you didn’t notice, and vice versa.

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