How to Upgrade your Candidate Experience

If preparing for a job interview is a task that you think belongs strictly on the to-do list of job seekers, it’s time for a perspective shift. In today’s job seeker’s market, candidates often have a choice of job opportunities. This means that the golden hour of face time you have while interviewing candidates needs to be just as much about you impressing them as them impressing you.

Now more than ever we’re seeing that candidates are on high alert for signals and clues that shed light on what it would be like to work with your company. Here are some simple things you can do to help ensure your interactions with candidates puts your company at the top of their consideration list.

Impress Candidates at Every Touch Point
Candidates begin to compile a mental list of pros and cons for a position the moment their eyes first land on the job ad, so don’t wait until the actual interview to start winning them over. Ensure your job ad really captures what it’s like to work with your company and clearly communicates how to submit a winning application. Show them you value their time by having an application process that is quick, easy, and only asks them for truly important information. Send a friendly automatic response message that confirms their application has ended up in the right place and communicates next steps.

Lay the Groundwork for Interview Success
Once you’ve determined that a candidate is one that you’d like to interview, communicate details to them in the same way you would to an important client. Ensure they know the address, where to park and how to find you when they reach the building. Tell them the names and positions of the people who will be conducting the interview and right-size this group so the candidate won’t feel overwhelmed by an interview panel that’s too large.

Paint a Positive Picture of Their Future
While an interview is an opportunity for you to get to know the candidate, it’s also a chance for the candidate to see what it would be like to work at your company on a daily basis. Ensure the interview starts on time and if for some reason it is delayed, apologize and explain the reason for the delay. Offer them a glass of water. Start off with some casual conversation about their interests or hobbies to help them feel at ease. Wrap up with a brief tour of the office or facility and introduce them to the people that you pass along the way. Being a thoughtful host sends a strong message that your company cares about its people.

Don’t Forget the Feedback
A candidate should never leave the interview unsure of where they stand. If you’re impressed with what you see, tell them. Sharing objective feedback at the end of the interview can make strong candidates willing to wait around for your offer a little longer. If there is a qualifications gap that you are concerned with, let them know that too. In most cases, if concerns are shared in an objective way, the candidate really appreciates the fact that they can move on in their job search, or maybe they can fill in the gap for you. Read this blog post from my Fitzii colleague for some tips and tricks on how to make sharing candidate feedback right into your interview process.

Communicate Next Steps
In addition to sharing feedback with the candidate, provide them with some high-level detail about anticipated next steps in the interview process. Should a second or third interview be required, coordinate it in a way that illustrates you value the candidate’s time. If they are currently working somewhere else, ask what time of day would best suit their schedule.

Any upgrades you can make to your candidate experience will be absolutely worth the effort. If a candidate is in a position where they have to choose between two offers, the subtle messages they’ve received that your company cares about them as a person can help tip the scale in your favour. And remember that your Ian Martin Hiring Advisors are always available to offer suggestions or a helping hand. From assisting you with writing better job ads to streamlining your application process and making it effortless to send automated responses to candidates when they apply, Fitzii’s team and technology makes it easier than ever to offer a winning candidate experience. Contact us today and let us help you find the best candidate for your next job opening.