Ian Martin Group is being recognized as a Great Place to Work® two years in a row!

Toronto, Ontario (April 17th, 2014): Ian Martin Group is once again being recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces in Canada. This list, and related stories, appeared in a special national report today in The Globe and Mail.

“While this award does celebrate the great leadership and programs the company has put in place, the real kudos must go to our employees”, said Loree Bennett, Senior Vice President at the Ian Martin Group. “Trust, pride, and camaraderie aren’t things that you can manage or implement from the top down. At Ian Martin, these award-winning qualities are created and nurtured by everyone in the company.”

This list of “Best Workplaces in Canada” is compiled by Great Place to Work® Institute Canada. The competition process is based on two criteria: two-thirds of the total score comes from a 58-statement survey completed by a random selection of employees, along with their open-ended comments about their organization; the remaining one-third of the score comes from an in-depth review of the organization’s culture, including an evaluation of HR policies and procedures. This offers a rigorous representation of the organization from an employee perspective, and an overall portrait of the workplace culture. Together, they provide crucial data relative to the five trust-building dimensions of a great place to work®: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie.

These are some of the company best practices that were notable:

Sharing Key Metrics
At The Ian Martin Group, transparent communication about the company performance is critical. Key performance metrics and financials are published in a monthly summary called the Visibility Pack which is available online on their intranet for any employee to see. This level of transparency is very unusual for a private company.

Place it Forward Program
The Ian Martin Group wants to work with other organizations like them that are driven by a deeper purpose. They have recently launched a program called Place it Forward whereby any new company that does business with them is offered free recruiting services to give to their favourite charity. It’s a great way for The Ian Martin Group to involve their customers in their stewardship mission.

Brave Question Contest
At The Ian Martin Group, whenever a hot topic is posted on the corporate intranet, employees are encouraged to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo. The person who asks the Bravest Question wins a $25 iTunes card! This helps to foster an environment of transparency and encourages management to answer tough questions in a public way.
This year’s list received over 300 nominations and over 60,000 employees participated in the 2014 “Best Workplaces in Canada” survey. You can view the complete list of winners at http://www.greatplacetowork.ca
About the Ian Martin Group
The Ian Martin Group is North America’s most progressive recruitment and project-staffing firm. As a Certified B Corporation, the company meets comprehensive standards that measure its positive impact on employees, suppliers, community, and the environment. The Ian Martin family includes technical recruitment divisions IME, IMT and IMIT – experts in Engineering, Telecom and IT respectively – as well as Ian Martin Executive and the 500 Staffing. For more information visit https://ianmartin.com/ or call 1 (800) 567-9675.

About the Great Place to Work® Institute:
Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research and management consultancy with expertise on workplace transformation and a presence in 46 countries worldwide. Our mission is to improve society by creating better workplaces. We are best-known for our global Best Workplaces Programme, which we produce in conjunction with prestigious media partners such as the Globe and Mail, the Financial Times and Fortune. With more than 5,500 organizations surveyed every year across the globe, the programme is the world’s largest of its kind. We believe passionately that any company or organization can become a great place to work. Our mission is to help you do it.

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