Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation Announces 2019 Grant Recipients

The summer is heating up, and so are Ian Martin’s stewardship efforts! Our company mission is to connect people in meaningful work—but we understand that there are real barriers to employment that people face. Through the Meaningful Work Foundation, we’re funding community organizations in North America and India that explicitly work towards breaking down barriers to employment. This life-saving work provides the foundation for personal growth so more people can come into an experience of meaningful employment and self-fulfillment.

In fiscal 2019, the Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation has donated a total of $85,000 across six organizations. We are beyond delighted to introduce our 2019 grant recipients: Plan International Canada, LiveWorkPlay, and Cornerstone Housing for Women. From equitable access to education, housing, and employment opportunities, these organizations are transforming their communities in immensely impactful ways.


Plan International Canada

Children, especially girls, are among the world’s most vulnerable populations. Plan International Canada works around the world to advance children’s rights and equality for girls, and creates lasting impact in the lives of children and their communities.

The Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation has donated $15,000 towards a 5-year pledge totalling in $75,000, which focuses on the Rajdhani region of India and includes the following objectives:

  • Providing children under the age of 3 with early childhood care, nutritional support & education services to build community platforms and networks;
  • Hold trainings with the theme of children’s rights, child protection, and International Day of the Girl;
  • Promote immunization amongst children;
  • Promote birth delivery in hospitals;
  • Collaborate with the government to reach more children & provide quality services for children;
  • Encourage parents to take interest in the school system & training of the school management committees, and;
  • Continue to focus on women and girl’s safety issues in the project location and surrounding areas.

The first step towards meaningful work on a global scale is ensuring the basic needs of our world’s children are met, so we’re excited to be working alongside Plan International Canada to advocate for children’s rights in India.

For more information, visit https://plancanada.ca/


LiveWorkPlay – Ottawa, Canada

People with intellectual disabilities are among the least privileged people in our society and are particularly vulnerable to exclusion and poverty. LiveWorkPlay helps the community welcome and include people with intellectual disabilities, autistic people, and individuals with a dual diagnosis to live, work, and play as valued citizens. They work directly with about 200 people with disabilities each year with a variety of supports focused on inclusive outcomes in housing, employment, and social lives.

LiveWorkPlay’s work is focused on individuals with intellectual disabilities having homes of their own (with the supports they need to succeed), real work for real pay, and engagement in recreation, arts, sports, citizenship, and friendships throughout the community with individuals and organizations from all walks of life.

The Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation has donated $15,000 towards their LiveWorkPlay Employment Task Force and Federal Employment Strategy Group, which will support 50 new hires for people with intellectual disabilities, autistic persons, and individuals with a dual diagnosis.


For more information, visit www.liveworkplay.ca.


Cornerstone Housing for Women – Ottawa, Canada

It’s a well-researched fact that affordable housing saves lives and is directly linked to increased employment rates. And after experiencing homelessness, women, and especially Indigenous women, face unique barriers to success. The reasons why women become homeless are varied, but the main reason is lack of affordable housing, followed by mental health challenges and hospital stays, partner violence and relationship breakdowns, addictions due to chronic trauma and abuse and immigration/newcomer challenges. Cornerstone Housing for Women is an emergency shelter that also provides safe and affordable housing for women in Ottawa.

The Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation has donated $15,000 towards the Life-Long Learning Centre, which helps to remove barriers to employment by offering skills training, educational bursary support and opportunities for personal growth and development. The Centre provides women with opportunities to try new skills in a supportive environment and gain positive experiences so they can build on that momentum towards job readiness. For this project, Cornerstone is also providing Indigenous women’s support services—such as cultural education and support by local Elders—to welcome the women and set them up for success.

For more information, visit https://www.cornerstonewomen.ca/.


Plan International, LiveWorkPlay, and Cornerstone Housing join our roster of current partnerships with Autism Speaks Canada, Windmill Microlending, and Iris Malawi. Together with our grant recipients and partners, the Ian Martin Meaningful Work Foundation is continuing our mission to break down barriers to employment, and to lead with purpose towards a more inclusive economy.