Interview Tips: What Hiring Managers Are Really Looking For

If you’re a job seeker, you don’t have an easy road to employment ahead of you. Even in-demand professionals such as engineers or IT specialists may face difficulties in their search for the right position. Unfortunately, you may end up in a self-perpetuating downward spiral if you stay unemployed for too long. Recruiters will consider you less valuable if you have gaps on your resume, so it’s important for you to find a suitable position right away.

So how can you get hired for the right job when it’s already so hard to land an interview? No two job searches are identical, but if you’re getting callbacks from companies, you’re already doing something right. You’ll need to go a little further, though, if you truly want to secure a job.

That’s why you need to know what hiring managers are really looking for. Whether you apply for full-time or contract positions, these professionals can either help you land the job of your dreams or shut you out entirely. You need to know how to get on their good sides. With that in mind, here are five helpful suggestions that will help you win these gatekeepers over.

Your Cover Letter Is Essential

You probably already know why your resume is important. But do you apply that same level of scrutiny to your cover letter? If not, you may be making a huge mistake.

Resumes tell hiring managers about your qualifications, but they don’t offer much insight beyond that. A cover letter establishes your demeanor, personality,and sense of professionalism. Managers consider these important traits when they look for interview candidates, so make sure they shine through in your letter.

Prepare for Your Interview

This tip may seem obvious to many readers, but you’d be surprised to know how often candidates walk into an interview completely unprepared. Whether they show up too early for an interview or don’t know anything about the job for which they applied, these prospects show a complete disregard for the interviewer’s time and effort.

If you want to work with a company, you should already know something about it before you apply. Once you book an interview, though, do more research. Find out about successful projects and try to envision the role you could play at this new agency. When you show that your interests align with the organization, managers will become more receptive to you.

Experience Is Important, but So Is Your Demeanour

Hiring managers like job experience. It shows that a worker can fulfill their duties in a professional environment. That’s why they ask for your resume before they request an interview.

While you need experience to earn an interview, you need the right demeanour to ace it. A qualified candidate isn’t necessarily a good employee. Workers have many skills, but they can still fail to achieve their full potential at an organization. Consider the company’s culture before an interview. Find out what traits they value and see how you fit in with them.

Don’t Feign Interest Just to Win a Job

Sometimes, your job hunt may force you to apply at less than desirable firms. No one is going to choose unemployment over a regular paycheque, but you shouldn’t lie about your interest in a company just so you can gain a steady job. Hiring professionals can usually tell when a candidate is pretending to care about a position, and with so much demand for work, they’ll be able to find a more suitable alternative to you.

Show Managers Why You Are The Right Candidate for This Job

A company receives hundreds of applications when they post a job opening. Never forget that fact. You have to show a manager why they should hire you over dozens of other people. Find the things that make you stand out and use them to catch recruiters’ attention.