Introducing the 2013/2014 Stewardship Council

Today, I am very excited to announce the founding ‘Stewardship Council’ for the Ian Martin Group.

If you have a minute, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect back on where we started this journey as a B Corp and a company that values Stewardship.  If not for a single idea:

… by practicing stewardship as a whole business, we can figure out ways to create radically greater value for all of our stakeholders…

we wouldn’t be where we are today. That being said, it’s been a challenge during the past two years to build this practice of stewardship into our day-to-day operations.  We just can’t wait any longer – and I’m excited that this group of people has stepped forward to lead us in achieving it.

At the Ownership Thinking sessions, when asked how we can move the, “I feel I make a difference here,” score from 75% to 90% of employees, a consistent theme was to form a ‘Crazy Ideas Committee’ to give a voice to employees across the company.  That’s exactly what this is.  The ‘Stewardship Council’ will be a group of people who serve as our conscience. They will seek to keep the company operating at the balance point of our values.  And, they will be the voice of our stakeholders (clients, candidates, employees, shareholders, community, environment) to the L-Team – no topics are off limits.

But most important, the Stewardship Council will not merely be a “suggestion box” or a “think tank”.  Instead, it will be a “do tank” – a group that makes things happen to help our company live up to its calling.  As part of the selection process, each of the Council members has indicated a willingness to show leadership by getting the people and resources together to bring their ideas to life.

Thank you to all who came forward and volunteered to be a part of the team. As you see these colleagues in the coming weeks, talk to them about your ideas for building a great company … and make sure to thank them for their leadership!







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