It’s Official! Ian Martin is a B Corp


We’ve joined the B Corp Community!

IMG is officially a Certified B Corporation

With a score of 88.3 we join Bullfrog Power and Dirtt as the newest Founding B-Corp members in Canada.

(The total number is 29, and on the rise.)

This is an enormous step toward being the change we seek and distinctly demonstrates our commitment to people, profit and the planet. As an organization, we are thrilled to join the roster of high-caliber businesses in the B Corp community.

This new certification means that, we are dedicated to considering our impact on all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders,  the community and the environment – when making business decisions.

As we continue building authentic connections around meaningful work, our new certification not only helps us grow as a socially conscious business but aligns with the values we share as a workforce – that’s something to get excited about!

To read first-hand how IMG made the list check out Learning from the B(enefit) Corp Assessment,  an earlier blog post from Tim Masson. To learn more about B Corp Certification, and to get to know the company we keep, visit the B Corp website.



Tim Masson

Tim Masson

A self-professed IT nerd and aspiring surfer, Tim became the Chief Steward & CEO of the Ian Martin Group in 2010.

The Ian Martin Group is “Connecting People in Meaningful Work” through its longstanding IT/Engineering Recruiting practice, as well as Fitzii – a hiring system for SMBs, and B Work – a new job board connecting purpose-driven job seekers with Certified B Corporations and other Conscious Businesses.

Through this work, Tim has developed a passion for helping old-world companies navigate the culture-change required to move into a new world of disruptive innovation, social responsibility, and self-management.
Tim Masson

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