Keen to Work Green? Clean Energy Jobs Options You May Not Have Considered

The North American clean energy sector is booming! In Canada alone, there were 298,000 clean energy jobs in 2017. That is almost 100,000 more jobs than there were in the mining, quarrying, and oil and gas sectors combined! 

Today’s clean energy career options go far beyond installing solar panels and repairing wind turbines. Job seekers who are committed to a career that’s good for the planet have never had more options available to them. In the recent report, “Missing the Bigger Picture,” Clean Energy Canada categorizes today’s clean energy jobs into four outcome-based clusters: clean energy supply, clean transport, grid infrastructure and energy storage, and clean buildings.  


Clean Energy Supply 

The production and distribution of clean energy are likely the two areas that come to mind for the majority of people when they think about clean energy jobs. Surprisingly, jobs related to the production of hydro, nuclear, solar and wind power account for just 20% of Canada’s clean energy jobs. Search Ian Martin’s current power and nuclear job openings to get a better sense of the type of positions available in clean energy supply. 


Clean Transport 

Getting people and goods from point a to point b in a clean, green fashion currently accounts for almost 60% of Canada’s clean energy jobs. This includes the manufacturing and design of hybrid and electric vehiclesas well as employment in the public transit industry. Examples of Canadian companies in this category include electric vehicle manufacturers, like Quebec’s Lion Electric, which makes all-electric buses and trucks, and BC’s Electra Meccanica, which makes the SOLO electric car. Automotive parts manufacturer, Linamar, also has clean transport jobs as it produces hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicle components. Search Ian Martin’s current automotive and manufacturing job openings. 


Grid Infrastructure and Energy Storage 

The storage and distribution of all the green power that gets created when the sun shines and the wind blows is a critical part of the clean energy equation. Jobs related to grid infrastructure and energy storage account for about 16%, or 47,000 Canadians working in the clean energy sector. Ontario is home to several leading manufacturers of clean energy storage, including Hydrostor and NRStor. Read this blog post for more detail on the vital role of storage in the clean energy industry. 


Clean Buildings 

Whether they’re designing LEED certified buildings, producing green construction materials, or designing energy efficient smart home monitoring systems, 7%, or almost 20,000 Canadians working in the clean energy sector focus their efforts on clean buildings. ecobee, which produces smart thermostats is an excellent example of a Canadian company in the clean buildings category. CarbonCure, another Canadian company in this category, has developed a technology that allows concrete companies to reduce the carbon footprint of the concrete they produce. Browse Ian Martin’s current job openings in the construction industry. 


The growth of Canada’s clean energy industries means that whether you want to work at a large global company, or a small startup, in a big city, or a rural outpost, there’s likely an opportunity available for you to build a career that also improves the health of our planet.