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    Download our full guide to approving time & expenses here:

    Download Our Full Guide to Approving Time & Expenses

    Logging in to Webtime

    Use the Webtime online app to approve both time and expenses.


    Quick Instructions

    Download full instructions for approving time and expenses here.

    Approving time

    • Select Review pending timesheets.
    • You will see the timesheets submitted for you to approve.  To view the details of the timesheet, select the timesheet number (hyperlink) beneath each timesheet on your list.
    • The timesheet shows the date, the payment type, the number of hours, as well as any uploaded files or project codes (if applicable).
    • If the timesheet is accurate, select Approve.

    Rejecting time

    • If there is an issue with the timesheet, select Reject
    • Enter the reason you rejected the timesheet next to the line item

    Approving or rejecting expenses

    • If the contractor is approved to submit expenses, there will be a placement number ending in “E”, e.g.: 24601E – Mechanical Engineer
    • Approve or reject the expenses as you would time, using the Approve or Reject buttons

    Un-approving timesheets or expenses

    • If you need to reject a timesheet that was previously approved (but hasn’t been exported yet), use Search for timesheets in the left-hand navigation menu
    • Select Approved beside Timesheets to show. Entering a date range can narrow your search as well.
    • Locate the timesheet or expense report you wish to unapproved.  Select View beneath it.
    • Select Unapprove.  This sets the timesheet or expense report into a “Pending approval” stage.
    • Reject the timesheet if there is an issue with it; enter the reason next to the line item.
    • If the timesheet or expense report has already been exported, contact Ian Martin – to resolve the issue.


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