Let your culture do the talking

Everyone knows YouTube has many (and I mean many) funny videos, but just how many are aimed at recruiting and hiring? My cursory research tells me not many. That’s what makes Shopify’s YouTube video so great. As detailed in Erin Shulte’s Fast Company article, Shopify is using YouTube to not only attract the best candidates, but also ones that will contribute to their established corporate culture.

Producing a video of this quality requires a significant investment of both time and money, two resources that are often in short supply within an HR department. At first glance, it may not be obvious how a video such as this one adds value to the recruiting efforts of a company. So why do it?

Firstly, it may be enough to get passive applicants who are drawn towards the culture and company to apply. Secondly, it helps applicants self-select by putting the working environment on display. People who think they will thrive in an open, self-directed working environment will apply, people who are turned-off by the Nerf guns, beer kegs and open offices won’t (A note of caution here: it is important not to take this too far and risk excluding qualified candidates – a fine balance).

Of course, a creative video alone is not enough. In my blog post titled, Resolving your hardest jobs to fill, I explained the importance of differentiating your brand in recruiting. This is something Shopify has taken to heart in their progressive approach to attracting and retaining the top performers that are right for them.

With any career branding, it’s important to ensure consistency and tailor the message to your company, industry and also your customers. Getting the basics right is a key first step and a great place to start is the job description, which, while not as fun as a YouTube video, can be a very valuable tool to portray your company culture and help draw the people that are the right fit for your company. More on this in an upcoming blog post.

We commend Shopify on being a leader in acquiring and retaining talent and motivating us to get better. So what does your company do to ensure culture fit? Tell us in the comments.

By Ian Yates, COO of Fitzii

Img Credit: FastCompany