Why did I come to Ian Martin?

“I want to connect people with meaningful work.”

The first step in the process that would lead me to join Ian Martin was a statement of my own vocation – to connect people with meaningful work – which Tim Masson just happened to overhear and, critically, share.

Luz presenting at our Annual Peer Forum

At the time, I was happily and successfully employed elsewhere, and like so many of our candidates, I was not looking.  But when I learned that there was a firm that shared my sense of vocation, I was willing to listen.  Over a period of many months, I got to know Tim and the leadership team at the Ian Martin Group.  And I was impressed.

First, they lead with what they believe.  They believe in becoming a new kind of search firm.  They believe in ‘doing good’ to do well.  They believe in sustainability, community, and environment.  They believe in treating people with dignity and respect.  They believe in excellence and innovation.  They believe these things and have the external credibility to back them up through the B Corp certification, which was a strong attractor for me.

Second, they listened to what meaningful work meant to me.  They listened with their ears in numerous conversations and interviews.  They also listened through the Pro.file Performance System, which gave them accurate, structured information about what drives me at work.  The more information they had about me, the more they were able to present me with options that appealed.  And they weren’t just talking about the next year or two; they were assessing how I’d fit in the firm of the future, in the firm they are becoming.

I wasn’t looking for a new job and I had no shortage of opportunities to work for other search firms.  But no one else had ever told me what they believe in, and never before had it been what I believe too.  On top of that, the Ian Martin Group was willing to listen to what I wanted, assessing how I’d be able to contribute, and finding a way for me to make a meaningful contribution in the long term.  I knew enough to take the plunge. When I arrived, I was glad (relieved!) to see in actions what I had heard in words: that people here are really trying to make a difference.  I work with colleagues who demonstrate that ethics and integrity come before profit, and that if you treat people well you can achieve success both for them and for you.  There is room here to innovate in the pursuit of these goals and the goals are shared.

As we move into the future I believe that so long as we work as one team to realize our shared goals, we will continue to innovate and succeed.  We will make a net positive difference in the communities in which we work.  We will be a new kind of search firm.

Other firms offered me the chance to earn money and drive an expensive car.  Ian Martin offered me a chance to make the world a better place by doing what I’m good at and what I love.  And that’s no contest.

Luz (pronouned Looth) runs a 360 desk with our Ian Martin Executive division.


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