Match One of These 7 In-Demand Engineering Careers with Your Skill Set

Those who pursue engineering careers can look forward to an array of options to choose from. But with choice comes uncertainty. Where should you specialize? What job best suits your natural skill sets? Will the position you pick continue to hold your interest after years in the industry?

There is hope. We’ll outline a few of the potential engineering careers you can pursue. If anything here catches your eye, you may want to consider pursuing it as a long-term career.

Environmental Engineer

Those conscious of their impact on the environment who want to secure an eco-friendly future should consider careers in environmental engineering. Not only is this an ethical career path, but as more companies incorporate sustainable practices into their business models, they’ll need more engineers to help with the process. If you want to succeed in this industry, you’ll need to know how to analyze prepared materials and communicate clearly with others. You may also need to gain an Environmental Professional in Training (EPt) designation before working your way up to the full Environmental Professional title.

Computer Engineer

As in many industries, engineers who pursue computer sciences could end up performing a wide range of tasks. If you’re interested in designing new hardware or software, you will probably find applications in the industry that work for you. To get there, though, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-oriented field, as well as internship experience and possibly industry certification.

Chemical Engineer

Are you fascinated by the material make-up of a given product? Want to know how to combine processes to help make innovative new products? You should investigate chemical engineering as a potential career. It has the potential to take you to diverse industries from clothing to food to oil and more. Furthermore, those who specialize in this discipline can expect to make a median salary of over $100,000 per year.

Agricultural Engineer

If you want to find engineering careers that will get you back to the land, you’ll need more than just expertise with tractors. Professionals who develop a specialty in agriculture will find plenty of overlap with those who work in medical, mechanical, and environmental fields. Common jobs can include improving water purity and waste recycling, and these engineers can potentially work in fields ranging from architecture to construction to mining and more.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers need to have a versatile skill set in order to succeed. Since they work on production systems, they will need to manage everything from buildings to workplaces. Furthermore, industrial engineers often have to oversee processes from the design phase all the way to completion, so both broad and specific knowledge is required.

Nuclear Engineer

When it comes to nuclear energy, safety is key. The industry needs plenty of qualified engineers to ensure that its workers are not harmed. Since this type of power is everywhere, nuclear engineers should be prepared to work on projects that involve everything from producing machines that treat cancer to keeping power plants from melting down. Those with a knack for detailed analysis and health and safety may find themselves at home in this field.

Manufacturing Engineer

Companies need people who can see a project through from the planning phase all the way to the manufacturing stage. Those who are interested in this career will have to apply their knowledge in everything from food production to construction to medical technology and more. The broad skills needed ensure that you will need a broad set of abilities to succeed as a mechanical engineer.