New Packages and Pricing

Today, we launched new and revamped packages and pricing. This is our first pricing change and is driven by feedback we’ve heard from our current and prospective customers.

First things first, all existing customers will remain on their current plans and will have access to all the job slots, users and features with no increase in price.

In summary, what we’ve learned is:

  • There is demand for an “entry-level” package aimed at small organisations, generally those with one individual responsible for managing the recruitment process. These customers wanted to keep it simple and do not require some of the more advanced features Fitzii offers. The consensus was that 3 job slots was ideal for smaller customers.
  • We received a lot of feedback from our small and medium business clients that the jump from our previous small to medium packages was too big, both in terms of number of jobs and price.
  • Many customers currently subscribed to the large package were also asking for product customization, tweaks and dedicated transition support.
  • Our customers appreciated the monthly pricing model that allows them unlimited candidate assessments and the applicant tracking functionality.

Based on this feedback, we now offer four plans that align more closely with our customer’s needs:

  • Small ($349) – Ideal for small organisations with one individual managing the hiring process. The plan includes 3 job slots, 1 user account, access to unlimited assessments, all the core applicant tracking features and email/online support.
  • Medium ($449) – Designed for small to medium organisations with a small recruitment team. The Medium plan includes 5 job slots and up to 3 users. In addition to unlimited assessments and core features, the Medium plan includes more advanced features and dedicated support.
  • Large ($849) – Used by medium to large organisations with a larger recruitment team.  The Large plan includes 15 job slots and up to 5 users. It has all the features of the Medium plan plus phone support.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing) – For large organisations or those with more complex needs. The Enterprise plan includes all the features as well as the ability to customize the Fitzii platform to best match each customer’s requirements. The number of jobs and users depends on the size and hiring volume of the company.

You can find all the details of each plan on our pricing page. We continue to offer our 30-day free trial for everyone that wants to give Fitzii a try at no risk (no credit card required).

If you have any questions or feedback you’d like to share, please reach out to us via our contact form or add a comment below.