Perform a Current State Assessment to See How Direct Sourcing Can Benefit You

My last post covered some of the reasons why Direct Sourcing is such a talked about development, including what organizations are hearing about Direct Sourcing, and a snapshot of what Direct Sourcing best practices entail.

In this article, I will introduce a few questions we ask our clients during our Direct Sourcing Current State Assessments, as they work to understand if or how Direct Sourcing aligns with their contingent labor program objectives.

The first question we ask is “What are your medium- and long-term program goals?”  Some common responses we receive include their desire to:

  • Capture rogue spend.
  • Unify candidate and contractor experience.
  • Measure and increase diversity program metrics.
  • Track and leverage known resources (alumni, pre-id, silver medalists)
  • Reduce overall spend.
  • Improve performance and optimize the supply base.
  • Assess and mitigate risk and improve compliance.
  • Improve stakeholder adoption and experience.

Another question we ask during our Direct Sourcing Current State Assessment relates to the resources available to support their program.  How well do you know your current resources performance, satisfaction, and capabilities?”  By completing a detailed resource assessment, additional Direct Sourcing benefits often become more self-evident.  Below are several next level resource questions we encourage our clients to consider:

  • Technology – Does your technology enable the desired world class stakeholder experience? Are you getting the program management metrics that you need to address your stakeholder requirements?
  • People – Are your people trained and knowledgeable about how to build an effective talent community? Are you effectively managing contingent resource workflows and relationships, mining databases and sourcing for new contingent resources?
  • Stakeholders – Do you have a clear sense of who in your organization would be impacted by a direct sourcing program? Do you understand how direct sourcing would impact their area of responsibility and what mitigation options they have?
  • Suppliers / Partners – Your suppliers and Partners in procurement, legal, HR, technology will have many questions. Do you have the resources available with the experience in change management to navigate these conversations to a successful outcome?

We have worked with dozens of Direct Sourcing clients to support their discovery process.  There is clearly a proven approach for completing a Direct Sourcing Current State Assessment.  We would love to share more details about how you might business case this option for your organization.  Please contact me at to discuss further.