Recruiters Off the Clock: The One Question Every Candidate Should Ask at the End of Their Interview

They spend hours rounding up recruits, scoping out search assignments, consulting with their clients, and negotiating job offers. At the end of a long day, they’re ready to dish and we make sure we’re on hand to capture their very best insights to share in our Recruiters Off the Clock blog series.

The Question:

What’s the one question candidates should ask at the end of their interview if they want to make a good impression?

The Recruiters: 

Stephen Carrette 

Having worked in recruiting since 1995, Stephen has extensive experience in connecting great candidates with great companies. Stephen has been with Ian Martin Group since 2012 and in his current role as Senior Recruiter helps job seekers find meaningful work with our IT clients. 


 Jebas Christadoss 

With a wide range of experience in the staffing industry in both Canada and the U.S., Jebas is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to connect companies seeking new talent with brilliant minds seeking to change to the world.  


The Dish:

“That moment at the end of the interview when you’re asked, ‘Are there any other questions you have?’ is such a golden opportunity. If you answer with a no, then you’ve wasted an extra chance to make sure the hiring manager has all the information needed to help rank you against the other candidates. A different way to end your interview could be, Is there any other information I can provide about myself to help you make your decision?’ 

Stephen Carrette, Senior Technical Recruiter 


“I think it’s really important to leave the interview team with a strong sense that you’re excited about the position. When they ask if you have any questions, combine a personal strengths statement with a question about next steps, like: ‘This sounds like a really great fit for me because it would take advantage of my (brief reminder or the key skills you have that match those outlined in the job description). What are the next steps in the interview process?’ 

Jebas Christadoss, Senior Technical Recruiter


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