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Should you Include a Salary Range in your Job Ad?

The debate about whether or not to include a salary range in a job ad is evolving as societal norms about what constitutes taboo topics change. Younger generations are more willing to discuss how much money they make compared to older generations, and more companies are becoming willing to include salary details in their job postings.

This is a good thing. At Fitzii, we know that including a salary range in a job posting can lead to 30% more applicants. This is because salary transparency allows candidates to determine if this is a wage or range they can work with.

As this article reveals, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to whether a salary range should be included in a job posting.

The real power of a great job ad is in attracting the kind of applicants who will all but beat down your door for the chance to do great work with you.

Contact Fitzii to learn more about our tried and tested method that ensures your ad is not seen by the right candidates, but produces the right applicants.

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