Stewardship Council 2014/15 inductees

Our Stewardship Council is blooming into its second year, and with that comes exciting opportunities to impact our stakeholders! Over the past 14 months, the founding Council has been hard at work – with the special dedication and leadership of 10 employees who are committed to guiding our employees as we incorporate stewardship into our daily operations.

Today, I’m excited to announce that our Stewardship Council for 2014/2015 has been formed, and in addition to four remaining members we are welcoming five new faces to lead our journey together.  The ‘Stewardship Council’ is a group of people who serve as our conscience.

We see a world with each and every person pursuing meaningful work.

  • We break down barriers to employment.
  • We unleash technical talent for a more innovative, more prosperous world.
  • We are changing the way business is done, creating benefit for people and our planet.


To summarize our progress over the past 14 months:

  • Benevity, our Corporate Giving Platform, was launched April 1st this year. This was one of our most exciting accomplishments – we were able to give our employees the opportunity to donate to any registered charity by payroll deduction, credit card, or PayPal – and the Ian Martin Group will match 25% of their donation.
  • We’re now into the fourth month of our Campaign Partnerships with Immigrant Access Fund (IAF), and Iris Malawi, where the matched donation is 100% from Ian Martin. As we continue to explore stewardship at Ian Martin, we continue to look for partnerships that align with our business values.  If you’re interested in exploring a partnership, we look forward to hearing for you – you can fill out our Partnership Form here.
  • Our biggest accomplishment this year was our B Impact Score; we were able to increase our score from 88 to 105.  To do this, we tackled the task of creating un-policies and we can’t wait to see how we can continue to improve.
  • The resume back hole is still a very real thing for a large group of our stakeholders: our applicants.  We know that we needed to make a difference for them, even if it starts out small.  Six months ago, we set our minds to the task. As we seek to offer a meaningful experience to each and every person to applies or connects with us, we offer them a loan through Kiva for $25. Reach out and connect with us and join The Ian Martin Group Kiva Lending Team.

Looking forward:

  • We will seek to design an employee-led cause program in the key areas of: volunteering, fundraising and better business.
  • As identified through our Stewardship Survey, our Corporate Giving strategy should be focused on increasing our impact and offering our talents to our local communities – as that is really an extension of what our business stands for.
  • Creating opportunities to volunteer will enhance employee skills and development, which is a great opportunity for us to be leaders in our own community.

Thank you to everyone who came forward to be a part of the team this year, and to our founding council members of 2013/2014 – they will continue to be a resource as we move forward. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without the help of every single person here at Ian Martin – thank you.

We promised you that we would be a “DO TANK” (as opposed to simply a “think tank”) and that we would make ideas reality to help our company live up to its calling. We’re passionate about anything and everything that helps keep our company operating at the balance point of our values.

As you see your colleagues in the coming weeks, start a conversation with them about what “crazy ideas” you have – and as always, thank them for their leadership.