Stewardship Council FY15/16 Inductees

The Ian Martin Group Stewardship Council exists to make real the value of stewardship among all of our company’s internal and external stakeholders.

It is our stewardship think tank and do tank – a group that makes things happen to realize the Ian Martin Group stewardship vision: a world with each and every person pursuing meaningful work.

Today it is my privilege to announce your Ian Martin Group Stewardship Council FY15/16:

SC Members

I also want to give a huge thanks to three people who have been devoted members of the Stewardship Council since its inception: the outgoing chair, Christina Curran, volunteering lead, Kim Black, and fundraising lead, Stephen Hime. I’ve watched Christina, Kim, and Stephen consistently contribute more thought, effort, and enthusiasm than seems possible for three people who also run busy and successful desks. And I know Council will continue to be successful because they will be our mentors and cheerleaders going forward. Thank you!

My own hope for Council next year is that everyone in the company will be able to see themselves reflected in what we do. In that sense, I consider everyone in this organization a vital contributor to the Council – through your ideas, feedback, participation, enthusiasm, and support. Your ideas are more welcome than you know – and your feedback urges us on to better performance. Keep ‘em coming and please join me in congratulating this group of colleagues for leading the way.

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