Working out the “Why?” – Stewardship Council Update

Remember when you’d get to school after a night of doing homework, and the teacher says it’s time to take it up?  Well, that’s what happened to Ian Martin Group’s Stewardship Council members on Friday, June 28th as we met together for the second time in our Toronto office.  Our task had been to each come up with three clear sentences that described why we are pursuing Stewardship as an organization. How did we do? Well… let’s just say that we’re all trying again.

The challenge of creating very clear statements around the “Why” of what we are doing was made apparent as we read through everyone’s submissions. Clarity means simple, and after we worked through quite a few examples we were sent away for a redo!  It was a great process for us as a team though – it helped us to get focused on effectively defining and communicating our intentions as an organization about stewardship!

The next part of our meeting, and the key purpose of our second gathering, was to present our research on potential not-for-profit partners in stewardship.  The excitement quickly returned and passion was breathed back into the room as the possibilities were discussed.  The promise, high hopes and big dreams that we mentioned last time came back to the forefront.  We began with a spreadsheet compiling 65 different potential partners that had been submitted!  Each of us had an opportunity to share thoughts about only our top one or two due to time limits.  There are really too many great options to consider!  But we worked through a process that will enable us to select a few that most resonate with our company.  Organizations that will allow us to volunteer and donate and influence in areas that contribute to our overall purpose of “Building Authentic Connections around Meaningful Work”.  We quickly saw several specific opportunities that align with the Ian Martin Group’s values and purpose, and that will allow us to most effectively serve our communities – locally, nationally and globally!

This is truly an exciting pilgrimage that we are on, and we will have our work cut out for us to present, discuss, evaluate and finally decide on who our partners will be.  What will be the story we tell the outside world about why we are doing this?  How feasible is it for us to be partnered with a specific organization?  What is the cost?  What is the benefit to us as it relates to our core business?  How will we measure success?  These are some of the questions we will grapple with and invite you to be part of as we move forward.  Please remember to ask a Council member which organizations they are considering and provide your input!  If you have one that you believe in yourself, tell us – we’ll likely confirm it’s on the list or perhaps you’ll inspire an additional consideration!  Thank you for being part of the journey.  Till next time ….


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