Stressed about IT Staffing? Follow These 3 Tips for Peace of Mind

Project staffing in IT can be a big challenge for managers. You need to bring on enough contractors to finish the project on time, but not too many. You need to find top-quality contractors, often on short notice.

Managers are tasked with bringing contractor chaos into order, which can be incredibly stressful. However, there are things you can do to make IT staffing less stressful. Here are three tips for peace of mind during the hiring process.

1. Plan Ahead

It can be hard to predict your future staffing needs. Managers don’t always know what projects are on the horizon or when those projects will begin. The trick is to have candidates in mind beforehand. When a project begins, you’ll already know who you can call to join your team.

To do this, build a database of quality IT workers that are open to contract positions. Adding people you’ve interviewed in the past is a good place to start. There are probably candidates who you really wanted to hire, but they couldn’t be offered a position for some reason. Stay in touch with these top candidates, and when you have a last-minute hiring need, they may be able to help.

2. Widen Your Search

When you place an ad on an online job board, you may not reach the best IT workers. There’s no guarantee that talented IT workers will see your posting. Worse, you may get swamped with hundreds of applications from unqualified candidates. To reduce your stress, widen your search, and look in new places for workers.

Job hunters are using new methods to look for jobs, and you can meet them where they are. They’re looking for work on social networking sites, like LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn for recruiting employees, and find people who would’ve never been on your radar otherwise.

Employee referrals are another way to find candidates that may not be on job boards. You already have a lot of talented IT workers on your team, and they probably know a lot of people in the industry. They have old classmates, friends, or past coworkers who also work in IT. Some of these people may be actively looking for work, and your employees can refer them to you.

Employee referral programs can also help you find passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are already employed, but they’re open to new opportunities. When your employees mention that you’re hiring, these passive job seekers may get excited about working on your project.

3. Work with a Staffing Agency

If you’re having trouble finding good IT workers, or if you just don’t have time, consider working with a staffing agency. Not all agencies will be able to provide the high-quality workers you need, so look for a staffing agency that specializes in IT recruitment services. These agencies have expertise in filling IT positions of all kinds, and they can streamline your technical recruitment.

Some agencies have large pools of qualified IT workers. Other agencies can quickly use their connections to find the right workers for their clients. They can find workers that you might not have been able to find on your own. Plus, they can do it more quickly. This means your project can start on time, with the right IT staffing levels.

There’s another big benefit of using staffing agencies for your IT staffing needs: agencies handle the paperwork for contract staff, so that’s one less thing you need to stress about. Employment contracts, time sheets, payroll, and other time-consuming paperwork is all handled by the agency. That means you can focus on the parts of your job that really matter, like making sure the project succeeds.

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