Take me out to the Ballgame

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and no, I’m not talking about Christmas in July. Once a year Ian Martin employees gather for a sporting showdown, pitting usual friends against each other as bragging rights and glory hang in the balance (but really, it is a lot of fun too). This year the tournament made it’s big city debut as we met in Coronation Park downtown Toronto. In addition to the baseball there was face painting and balloon animals for the kids and a caricature artist for everyone.

While planning in March a July date sounded idyllic, we could see the sunlight reflecting off the infield and feel the breeze gliding in off the lake. What we didn’t anticipate was the heatwave with humidex readings in the low 40s…  whoops. However, the games went on (under close monitoring to ensure heat safety) and after a round robin tournament the championship game was between the former dynasty of the Pickering Isotopes and last year’s upset* the Smashing Homers. Would last year prove to be a small blip in the reign of Pickering or had the torch been passed?


In the end the championship pennant was awarded to the Smashing Homers for the second year in a row as they defeated the Pickering Isotopes 17-12 dashing hopes that the dynasty would return.

A big thank you to everyone who braved the heat and came out!