The Best Practices for IT Staffing

Finding strong, skilled IT applicants can be a stressful job. The IT department is an integral part of any workforce, so a lot relies on building a solid and talented team of IT professionals. As you go about IT staffing, it’s important to make sure you are in contact with the best candidates, and that you’re able to acquire the best people possible to fill the necessary positions. Luckily, we are here to tell you some of the best practices for IT staffing.

Branch Out

The ways in which employers reach candidates is becoming increasingly diverse, and especially in IT—a field where the pool of candidates is well versed in new technology—it’s important to move beyond the traditional means of reaching potential employees. Relying solely on resume databases, or on an ATS (applicant tracking system), will considerably shrink your pool of applicants. Social media, the blogosphere, and networking at industry-related events are all becoming increasingly popular ways to get in contact with talented IT professionals.

Create a Referral System

Another great way to get find potential hires is by establishing a strong employee referral program. Your IT staff are likely to know other highly qualified IT professionals who could be an asset to your business. Your staff are unlikely to refer people they don’t believe would be invested in the company that they themselves are invested in, and it is unlikely that they would feel comfortable referring someone that would reflect poorly on their own judgment.

Have a Detailed Recruiting Plan

Your search for candidates should be organized and highly structured. Make a plan and follow through. You should have a recruiting system in place that is well understood and communicated to the recruiting team, and which is actually put to use when looking for potential employees. Your plan should include things like where you’ll be searching for candidates, what specific skill sets you’re looking for, and what your expectations are for the position. A step-by-step process that is followed faithfully can make the IT staffing process much less painful; a disorganized system can easily lead to a prolonged search with dissatisfying results.

Plan Ahead

As much as possible, you should avoid putting yourself in a position where you are in a fix and need IT staff on short notice. The best way to do this is to plan ahead. Having candidates in mind for a position before the need arises is to your benefit. In order to do this, structure your IT staffing around candidate pools—a known database of quality talent that you can call upon should the need arise. Keep previous applicants who stood out but couldn’t be offered a position on file, and keep in contact with potential candidates on sites like LinkedIn. This method of finding potential employees is especially effective when it comes to IT staffing because of the high level of skill required for the job. Finding a replacement or filling a position last minute can be really difficult when you’re looking for a candidate that has a very specific skill set. Being prepared, and having a candidate pool in place, can save you significant frustration down the line.

Seek Out IT Staffing Services

Because IT demands such a high degree of specialization, an IT staffing service can be a viable option for helping you find employees. IT staffing services know exactly what to look for in potential candidates, and can help you find employees with incredible efficiency and success. They’re also familiar with the degree of specialization necessary for a job in IT, and can help you access candidate pools that meet those specialization requirements. An IT staffing service will work with you to help you find employees that will meet your unique business needs.

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