Top 7 In-Demand IT Jobs You Should Consider

Information technology is a promising industry, no matter what your specialty is within the industry. Demand for professionals in this field has grown by 40 percent year over year in the U.S., while unemployment sat at a record low of 2.6 percent in 2015. Confidence in the industry has continued to increase, while its workforce achieved a 3.1 percent growth in 2014.

While all IT workers will benefit from these forecasts, some stand to gain more than others. In the coming years, professionals with specific skillsets may find themselves in an ideal position to advance their careers. However, with so many jobs available, it can be difficult to choose the best career path.

If you’re uncertain about the best IT jobs, this article can help you regain your confidence. Here are just seven of the most currently in-demand positions within the industry.

1. Systems Analysts

Businesses rely on computer systems more than ever in their daily routines, and systems analysts ensure this information technology works at its best. These professionals take a strategic role in reviewing code and implementing solutions to meet organizational necessities.

Analysts will remain in high demand through 2024, as job growth is expected to reach 24 percent over this period. If you’re interested in this career, you’ll need to obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, though additional business education can also make your resume stand out.

2. Software Engineers

It takes a large team of software engineers to design and test every layer of a new program. These professionals pool their knowledge on a variety of specialized topics to make quick work of complex problems.

Should this work appeal to you, consider seeking a bachelor’s degree in a STEM program that emphasizes software. You can expect to find work quickly, as demand for these IT jobs will grow by 17 percent by 2024.

3. Database Engineers

Databases store companies’ information, but have you ever wondered who designs these complex systems? If you’re interested in helping organizations maintain and protect their assets, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

You won’t want for work, since software developers of all stripes will see demand grow by 17 percent until 2024.

4. Web Developers

Engineers and systems analysts provide vital services for their organizations, but their work isn’t always visible for the world to see. Web developers show off their achievements every time someone visits their companies’ sites.

These professionals train in computer sciences to shape a site’s design, navigation, and content. Demand for these professionals will increase by 27 percent in the next seven years, so if you’re interested in this area, you can expect to find a variety of positions to choose from.

5. Security Analysts

Data is more valuable now than ever, which means that security breaches can devastate a company. That’s why security analysts are in such high demand. These professionals take proactive steps to protect their employers’ information. The need for these services will increase 18 percent by 2024, so security represents a relatively safe bet for the future.

6. Network Administrators

It’s impossible to maintain a computer system without a stable network, which is why network administrators are so valuable. They monitor their employers’ connections and make any necessary hardware adjustments.

You need a computer science degree to get these IT jobs, and demand is expected to grow by 8 percent in the next seven years.

7. Technology Managers

While the other positions on this list manage technology, these professionals manage the people who manage technology. Managers must be able to blend an ability to coordinate a team with knowledge of their companies’ IT processes.