What’s B Mean to Me? 3 Ways Ian Martin’s B Corp Status Impacts Contract Employees

As a staffing company, the majority of employees that we hire at Ian Martin focus their efforts on helping other companies achieve their goals. While their paycheque and staffing support may come from Ian Martin, the objectives that they work toward in their jobs are driven by the engineering firms, power plants, manufacturing facilities, software companies, mining operations, oil fields, construction sites, banks, and telecom companies that they report to each day.  

As a Certified B Corporation, Ian Martin is regularly assessed by a third-party to ensure our company meets the world’s highest standards for making a positive impact on our employees, our customers, our community, and the environment. While they may not be pulling into our parking lot each day, the staff that Ian Martin contracts to outside organizations is every bit as important in our corporate stewardship efforts as those who do. Here are just a few of the ways our B Corp certification makes a difference in the lives of Ian Martin contract staff.  


On a Mission for Meaningful Work 

The first step we took in the journey toward B Corp certification was to develop a company mission statement. While Ian Martin has been placing technical talent since 1957, that was something that had never made its way on to the right to-do list! After a lot of work, we narrowed down the answer to why we exist to one short statement that has become the driving force behind everything we do:  


We see a world with each and every person pursuing meaningful work. 


What this means for candidates who choose to partner with us to find employment is that the Ian Martin Hiring Experts that will support them aren’t just focused on filling an open position. Everyone at our company is working toward a broader objective of connecting candidates with personally meaningful work.  

Meaningful work is something that everyone defines a little differently. For some, it means finding a position that taps into unique skills and passions, and our Hiring Experts are certainly focused on that. For others, it means working for a company that is committed to making a difference in the world. To help these purpose-driven jobseekers connect with like-minded employers, we worked with our partner company, fitzii, to develop the B Work job boardB Work is a one-stop job shop for finding work with the world’s most purpose-driven companies. Only employers who have verified or certified their B Impact Assessment or have legal status as a Benefit Corporation can post positions on B Work. 


Supporting Those Employees We Don’t See 

Another component of B Corp certification is completing the B Impact Assessment. The Assessment helped us see opportunities for us to build a business that is better for our workers, our community, and the environment. Given that the majority of Ian Martin employees report to outside organizations, some would argue that our opportunities are limited to create changes that impact their on-the-job satisfaction and engagement. Many of the factors that influence employee satisfaction are controlled by the organizations that our contract employees report to each day.  

To help build a better experience at work for those employees, we choose to focus on an essential driver of employee engagement that we do have some control over. Our Contractor Success Team is a crucial part of our strategy to ensure that every contract employee that works for Ian Martin can connect with someone at work that cares about them as a person. Whenever any of our Ian Martin contract employees have a question or find themselves in need of support, a member of our Contractor Success Team is always just a quick phone call, text or email away to assist them. Based on the fact that our contract employees consistently rate the performance of our Contractor Success Team in the 98% range, we think it’s a service they appreciate. You can read more about our Contractor Success Team in this blog post. 


Engaging Contract Employees In Our Volunteer Efforts 

Being certified as a B Corp also pushes our team to try new and different things in our charitable giving efforts. One example of how this impacts our contract employees is the development of our Contractor Volunteer Experience program. Each year we offer up to $10,000 to help an IMG contractor take an international volunteer trip of his or her choice that will help make the world a better place. Check out this post to see our 2019 Contractor Volunteer Program Winners! 

In a sea of staffing firms, it can be hard to differentiate the services and support they each provide. Ian Martin’s BCorp certification has inspired a distinct set of advantages for our candidates and contractors. Whether it’s the commitment of our Hiring Experts to connect you with meaningful work, the ongoing support of our Contractor Success Team to assist you once you’ve been placed with a company, or the opportunity to apply for financial support to help fund a volunteer experience that you feel particularly passionate about, we’re committed to helping make a positive impact on the lives of all of our employees.